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Monday, December 11, 2017
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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 13:17

National Telecommunications Backbone (NTB)

The Government of Ambazonia is proposing a political and economic blue print which will essentially make Ambazonia an open economy which will trade heavily with the outside world. A key element of the economic plan is to make sure that most goods entering Ambazonia shall be free of import duty. However, fiscal revenue shall be raised through Value Added Tax, Sales Tax, Excise tax, corporate tax, Payroll tax. Stamp duty and other forms of imposts that can be legitimately charged on business transactions without discouraging the inflow of investments and the creation of jobs.

The objective is to ensure that the prosperity of the Republic of Ambazonia shall be built on a skills driven economy. As skills in the 21st century shall be built on information and communications technologies (ICT), such skills acquisition must be built into the curriculum at all levels of education. In order to achieve this goal it has been envisaged that an optical fiber backbone should be laid across the territory of Ambazonia which will link all the main urban areas and the key border entry points. This optical fiber backbone shall make it possible to introduce an IT intensive educational system throughout the country.

In order to place Ambazonia on the world's information highway and enable the country to become an effective player in the global economy, a telecommunications backbone running on optic fiber shall be constructed parallel to the National Highways Backbone (NHB) and the National Highways Spurs (NHS). This ambitious telecommunications infrastructure project is aimed at ensuring that information and communications technology (ICT) is taken to every major urban centre in the Republic of Ambazonia.

At the moment there are two main GSM operators who have deployed networks in Ambazonia as part of their operations which are based in Cameroun. Notwithstanding the licenses which were granted to them by the government of Cameroun which gives them operating access to the economic space of Ambazonia, it is the intention of Government of Ambazonia to consider that it has the right to issue new licenses to any operator who wants to operate in the territory of Ambazonia.

The Government of Ambazonia shall issue the number of licenses which are compatible with a realistic market prospect for Ambazonia. The license to be granted shall include the right and the obligation to lay the optical fiber backbone throughout the territory of Ambazonia in accordance with the long term plans of the Government of Ambazonia. The optic fiber backbone shall be connected to SAT-3, the undersea cable that runs from South Africa to Europe along the West African coast. This connection shall provide Ambazonia access to large bandwidth on the international information highway.

The total length of the optic fiber backbone which needs to be laid across Ambazonia is only between 1500-2000 kilometers. This length of optic fiber will place 90% of the secondary institutions in Ambazonia within reach of cheap broadband access. Such access will bring about a fundamental revolution in the type of knowledge based economy which will bring out the full potential of a small country of 6-10 million inhabitants.

The optic fiber backbone is far more important and far more urgent than asphalted roads because while asphalted roads facilitate physical communication between Ambazonians towns only, the optic fiber will facilitate communication between every Ambazonians with the whole world at large. The optic fiber backbone needs to be constructed through the "bushes" and the "forest" at the beginning, if necessary, and the asphalted roads will follow later.

The optic fiber backbone shall serve several purposes such as the following:

  1. As a country which intends to operate an open economy, the Government of Ambazonia intends to facilitate entry and exit to all international visitors coming on legitimate business. However, there is a need to have effective control of entry and exit of all visitors at land, sea and air entry points into the country. The laying of the optic fibre backbone will make it possible to link all entry points to a central immigration control system so that effective security is maintained at all times;
  2. The health tourism industry will be greatly supported by a communication system which enables connectivity with health care centers and experts around the world making it possible for diagnosis and even surgery to be done with the active participation of medical experts located in other parts of the world;
  3. The banking system will also benefit from the optic fiber backbone by the fact that they will be able to link all their branches and provide online banking services to their customers throughout the country;
  4. The optic fiber backbone will also serve the oil industry because it will enable oil companies operating in the Republic of Ambazonia to establish Virtual Private Networks (VPN) with their home offices;
  5. The academic institutions in Ambazonia shall be able to run academic programs with other universities around the world through the availability of broadband connectivity between their faculties;
  6. Broadband internet shall be available throughout the country enabling Ambazonians to communicate with the rest of the world from any part of their country.

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