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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Tanyi Ojongmboh   
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 16:34

Fellow Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians);

The entire political culture associated with the name Southern Cameroons has never understood what is really at stake here and our people deserve to know the TRUTH. If not then we certainly deserve the condescendingly nasty appellation that our masters, the Francophone Camerounese have been calling us: “ANGLOFOOLS”.

The facts of the law listed below are what will enable us survive as a sovereign state that is aware of its RIGHTS and is on the path to independence, and not as some distinct people inside the Republic of Cameroun:

  1. Law 84/01 dissolved the Union of Southern Cameroons & Republic of Cameroun.
  2. Cameroun High Court Judgment HCB/28/92 declared that Cameroun’s occupation of Ambazonia was an act of continuing aggression and ordered that Cameroun withdraw from Ambazonia.
  3. United Nations ICCPR/1134/2002 judgment confirmed that;
  • our country is AMBAZONIA and not the southern part of Cameroun
  • Ambazonia is sovereign & independent of Cameroun but has been under subjugation by Franco-Cameroun armed forces
  • Cameroun’s occupation of Ambazonia has forced its leader into exile and he has been unable to exercise his right to freely go in and out of his country without fear
  • Cameroun must provide an effective remedy to this situation, i.e., put an end to its occupation of Ambazonia

We as the several distinctive units of peoples (Bakossi, Bakweri, Bali, Banso, Kenyang, etc, etc,) were by virtue of our histo-sociological, as well as our political evolution fully qualified for our very own distinctive sovereign state, but for the series of horrifying misrepresentation by elites of the Southern Cameroons. It happened with tragic results in the 1950s, 1960s, and like clockwork, it is happening today when these same elites have placed their personal interest above that of our people.

The latest case of such misrepresentation by Mola Njoh Litumbe who as Chairman and founder of LDA has sworn allegiance to uphold the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cameroun and is doing everything possible to distract our people from focusing on the “what is at stake."

By claiming that the Cameroon federation never existed while at the same time citing “Cameroun Law No. 90/055 of Dec. 19, 1990.  Section 3(1)” regarding public meetings; he Mola Njoh Litumbe is serving but Cameroun’s best interest.

Also, by promoting the Banjul's court decision ACHPR 2003 C-266 of distinct peoples’ right over the UN HRC ICCPR C-1134/2002 decision of sovereignty rights recognition, Mola Njoh Litumbe has just provided conclusive evidence of his role as an agent of the Republic of Cameroun.

Fellow Compatriots, our polity has strayed very far away from the logical path set out by the laws that applies to our case. Therefore the question following Dr. Ayim’s call to rally behind Ambazonia has to be whether all those who are prepared to fight for the independence of our country really know what it means to obey the laws which apply to our case.  That is, the power that would automatically come to us as the sovereign state of Ambazonia. That power is already vested in the UN ICCPR-C1134/20O2 judgment which recognizes Ambazonia as the Successor State of Southern Cameroons following the dissolution of the Cameroon federation by Restoration Law 84/01.

Paragraph 2.5 of UN ICCPR 1134/2002 judgment clearly reads:

As a result of the "subjugation" of Ambazonians, whose human rights were allegedly severely violated by members of the Franco-Cameroonian armed forces as well as militia groups, riots broke out in 1983, prompting Parliament to enact Restoration Law 84/01, which dissolved the union of the two countries. The author then became head of the "Ambazonian Restoration Council" and published several articles, which called on President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon to comply with the Restoration Law and to withdraw from Ambazonia.”

Fellow compatriots:

If we are not willing to take advantage of the POWERS OF SOVEREIGNTY that comes to us on account of the UN recognition of the Ambazonia and upon Cameroon's own default recognition of Ambazonia, just as it did with the 1992 HCB28/92 judgment, in the 2002 ICCPR 1134/2002 Geneva ruling, then we have to be fully prepared to acquire POWER by other methods. The only other proven method opened to us is to engage Cameroun in an arms struggle!  There can be no two ways around this path: it is the epitome of political opportunism and intellectual dishonesty that, those who are today promoting the Banjul distinct people acquiescence to Cameroun jurisdiction, are the same people who until 2003 have been chastising AMBAZONIA for being all too focused on legalism!

So why are we reading all these legal stuff about some SCNC entity holding a Human Rights meeting at the Hague, or talking about registering in the UNPO, or filing some case at Abuja, or worse, thinking of filing a case against the non-justifiable United Nations? Are these not all legalese stuff? Or did we miss the memo that granted exemption to these Southern Cameroonians from not be tagged as conducting legalese or lobbying stuff, but just action in the ground stuff?

Have people like Mola Njoh Litumbe who are promoting communication 266/2003 even bordered to read the case of Katangese Peoples’ Congress v. Zaire (Katanga) by the same ACHPR which seals the fate of a distinct peoples’ right? The Commission in this case (paragraph 1) held that self-determination under the ACHPR may only be achieved in a manner that is consistent with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Zaire (now DRC). The same ruling applies to Southern Cameroons v. Republic of Cameroun.

You can see the following link for yourself. I do believe that something is fundamentally wrong with some of our leaders and until they abandon this lawlessness and accept the binding force of the law, only then are we able to liberate our country from foreign occupation.


Tanyi Ojongmboh.

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0 # Elad 2015-04-10 23:54
i agred with you one more thing while can the leaders of scnc and ambazonian come together as one to get a common vision and mission to fight for our people because it makes me not to know who to follow please for sake of our English people you can rich me of or josephelad@webm

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“I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun do hereby, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.”
- Annan-Bakassi Peace Accord

I can state here and now that the People of southern Cameroons (Ambazonians) would never have voted in favour of unification with French Cameroun if it had not been for the assurances given that the resulting union would take the form of a federation...
- John Ngu Foncha

International Law does not regard you (Ambazonians) as people of Cameroonian Nationality; this must be shocking to you.
- Fongum Gorji-Dinka
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