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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Tanyi Ojongmboh   
Thursday, 17 March 2011 21:42


Many on the web innocently believe that SCNC & SCAPO are fighting the same restoration struggle where HRM Fon Gorji-Dinka is the Spear Head. Hence there have been calls for a unification of strategy.

In order to have a unified strategy, there must first be a solid agreement on the goal for which the strategies are needed.

The difference between the Leadership of Ambazonia and that of SCNC/SCAPO is that in international law Ambazonia is a nation consisting of several peoples; a few of which includes the Bakweris, the Balungs, the Orokos,  the Bafaws, the Mbos, the Kenyangs, the Banwas, the Ejaghams, the Widikums, the Chambas, the Kejems, the Tikaries, the Nsoh etc etc.

Cameroon is also a nation consisting of the Fulanis, the Toubouris, the Bamilekes, the Dualas, the Bassas, the Ewoundos, the Boulous, the Bafias etc etc. See
African Linguistic Maps: Nigeria, Ambazonia & Cameroon.

But the SCNC & SCAPO have been ill-advised to claim that their country Southern Cameroons is Not a nation but just a people within Cameroon like the Fulanis, the Toubouris, the Bamilekes, the Dualas, the Bassas ,the Ewoundos, the Boulous, the Bafias etc etc

Then when Banjul agreed with them that their Southern Cameroons is indeed just a people within Cameroon like others peoples, SCNC/SCAPO kingpins hailed it as a land mark victory only to secretly confess that their legal advisers failed to see the difference and so they want to try again. The question now is: what do they really want?

Every Ambazonian including even the PM Philemon Yang wants Cameroon out of our country. His immediate predecessor, Chief Ephraim Inoni was sacked for failing to prevent his News Paper, The Post of 23rd March 2009 from publishing a press release issued by HRM Fon Dinka (See attachment) which shattered Cameroon’s claim of victory at the ICJ.

When SCNC & SCAPO would really understand the difference between a Nation and a People, only then would they promptly correct themselves so that we can have one goal and then start talking about unifying strategies.

What we have to do now is to thank our stars that through the judicial process of HCB/29/92, Cameroon and its President Paul Biya

  • a. recognized our country as the Republic of Ambazonia with HRM as our Head of State
  • b. recognized that Cameroon presence in our Ambazonia is a violation of Ambazonian sovereignty and is an act of continuing aggression
  • c. recognized an order expelling Biya and all elements of Cameroon administration from Ambazonia
  • d. forbids Ambazonian MPs from attending Yaounde Parliament.

I understand that the occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroon falls under article 51 of UN Charter which entitles us to take any measures alone or with the assistance of other nations or NGOs or mercenaries to terminate Cameroon aggression.

It is the fear of our getting mercenaries engaged in law enforcement that have caused Cameroon spies within our restoration movement to wage years of campaign to tear down HCB/28/92 but all in vain.

And after HRM's explanation of HCB/28/92, the agents of Yaounde are now claiming that the HCB/28/92 was not served on the governor and on Paul Biya in person which therefore means HCB/28/92 is invalid. Yet they and the lawyers posturing on the internet know or ought to know that any court process for service on the government or government official is served on the Legal Department of the Court area.

Fortunately none in the leadership of the SCNC, SCAPO, & SCYL has been involved in these anti-Ambazonia tirades. Many now accept the fact that through the efforts of HRM Fon Dinka we have what we need as legal cover for law enforcement ACTION TO TREAT OUR MPs as LAW BREAKERS.

That is why everyone is waiting for Chief Charles Taku to answer the question whether he is ready to use the experience he gained in organizing the 1985 Dinka Riots to help our Ambazonian Patriots organize a law enforcement action to STOP AMBAZONIAN LAW BREAKER MPs

Tanyi Ojongmboh
Ambazonian Consul General, North America.
Last Updated on Friday, 27 May 2011 17:00

Famous Quotes

“I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun do hereby, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.”
- Annan-Bakassi Peace Accord

I can state here and now that the People of southern Cameroons (Ambazonians) would never have voted in favour of unification with French Cameroun if it had not been for the assurances given that the resulting union would take the form of a federation...
- John Ngu Foncha

International Law does not regard you (Ambazonians) as people of Cameroonian Nationality; this must be shocking to you.
- Fongum Gorji-Dinka
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