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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Amos N. Mudoh   
Saturday, 09 July 2011 12:51

Thanks Thomas for your example of Western Sahara being an example of a country that has an adjective "Western" attached the noun Sahara. That said, is there any other country in the world that has the noun Sahara as a name of a country? No! That is a lone case.

Our case is that, we are fighting on a common noun “Cameroon”. That is what gives Cameroon who first adopted that noun (Cameroon) on the 1st Jan 1960, the upper hand when the mess of our Colonial Master (Britain), our elders and the UN are all factored in. It is left for us to correct these errors and stay clear from ambiguity that works against us. That is what our first liberation thinkers did --to come up with the noun AMBAZONIA to replace the entity that was known as United Nations Trust Territory of The Southern Cameroons Under United Kingdom Administration (1946–1961).

Please did you read the last paragraph on page 8 of the New Social Order as I said, there it reads: “If the expression "Southern Cameroons" has exposed us to any annexationist ambitions, then we will henceforth call ourselves AMBAZONIA". They saw that even with the use of WEST Cameroon identity things were not even better, so they decided to give a substantive change by coming up with name Ambazonia. It was because they knew that it was Cameroon’s advantage point backed by the colonial masters.

It was not Fon Dinka’s personal decision but something that they had agreed on for the sake of our people. From that date things got tough on the leader who signed the New Social Order document, others disappeared and other stood by for a while but left to embark on different strategies under the cover of Cameroon identity and now we all know the outcome of that strategy has failed. One point is clear, the economics principle of division of labor was fully at work before the devil got in during the early days of Ambazonia. There were those that handled public riots, which yielded great fruits, those handling the translation and cutting the "t" and dotting the "i" of their documents, and those handling legal aspect (which Fon Dinka is a member). We all now know the out-come of those who left to embark on different strategies while the Ambazonia brand stayed on till this day despite the tough times with the hope of a united stand. Please read the Ambazonian Strategy for Restoration of Power to the people.

That was a candid contribution from the ARC to brethren that left rangs to embark on different strategies. Yet all they get is that ARC should disband Ambazonia despite her little contribution. Does that make sense?

Our people had taken French Cameroon in good faith but she was not. My take is that if we put aside the Southern Cameroon identity as the ARC has done, Cameroon and her French master has nothing to say, and the British that sold us will have no way to help Cameroon in international arenas as well. The British recognizes the 1960 Constitutional mafia by French Cameroon as the Federal Constitution for the two nations as part of what the UN had demanded in UN Resolution 1608 XV for implementation. Majority of our elders who were political actors then and thereafter did not objected or questioned it. We all now know it was mafia. God gave us a way out by Biya passing the Restoration law 84/001. By this law the British can no longer stand to cover up their fraud they did by supporting Cameroon because Biya has dissolved the illegal and uncompleted union that the British mastermind. Since the illegal or uncompleted union is no longer in existence because of the above law, so too we find our way out. Is that not God at work for the oppressed? To make things more unique, our few but brave elders under cover with God’s wisdom coined the noun AMBAZONIA as to denial our oppressor any opportunity or advantage over the noun Cameroon.

This way we would have spared the British and the UN from embarrassment that they were party to the mafia – just to get our freedom first. Such will help us concentrate our energy on Cameroon that the “illegal or uncompleted union” was over since 1984. But if we keep saying there was no union, and given the fact that we are all aware that the union process was in motion and had covered substantial points to be consider in the Union (The Two Alternatives Option 2 -Republic of Cameroun and Southern Cameroons), then it pitches us first against the British and the UN to correct their role in the mess before taking on Nigeria and then Cameroon. Is that what we want? Do we think that text book international law works in a vacuum? No! Because, if we say we are experts in international law, then we first have to seek redress for the fact Britain divided the British Cameroon in to two parts (Northern and Southern Cameroons), secondly seek correction for the fact that the trusteeship had only two options that is self-government or independence. But the British forced us to the corner in what is known as “independence by joining”. Thirdly seek redress for the non-implementation of UN Resolution 1608 XVI and so on. Is that what we want?

Let me share with you the British official stand point. On the 24th October 1961 --Prorogation Her Majesty’s most Gracious Speech to the join Houses of Lord and Common Ref: vol 646 cc838-42 states in paragraph 11, as follows -- Following on a plebiscite held last February United Kingdom Trusteeship in the Cameroons has been terminated. The Northern part has joined Nigeria and the Southern part has united in a Federation with the Cameroun Republic.

So, what were the terms of the plebiscite? Read here: The Two Alternatives Option 2 -Republic of Cameroun and Southern Cameroons

Our master says there was a federation but we know truly that the federation was not complete because it failed short what was stated in the Two Alternative option 2. Should we fight for the Federation to be finished in accordance to UN Charter article 102 thereby exposing the UN and British errors before bring in Cameroon? Or make use of the Restoration Law 84/001 that wiped out the uncompleted federation that our Colonial Masters Britain says existed?

That is why ARC decision to anchor on Restoration Law 84/001 is so profound because what the UN demanded and I people voted for had never seen the light of day. It is also profound because as I said it denied Britain from helping Cameroon to regain what was illegally given to her, and gives to us back what the British had denied us in the first place –that is complete independence as per UN charter article 76b.

Pointing out the failure by Britain to implement terms of The Two Alternative option 2 offered us by Cameroon through UN and our people votered for, such will enable some member states of the UN to help us, given that the UN had failed in the first place to complete their job and left Britain to sell us to Cameroon under the bogus pretext that there was a completed federal constitution for the two nations.

All we need is to assert our AMBAZONIA identity as we enforce the various judgments that the ARC has won for us. If we try to go the Southern Cameroons way then our occupier will have full support from France and our Colonial master in international arenas against us. Try and see.

As for the two Guineas I think they are different nations in that there are not having adjectives attached to it. Also think of the two Congo that is Libreville and Kinshasa --adjectives are not attached to the noun Congo. Cameroon knows this very well and will never dare to stand in court with Ambazonia identity and this identity has gain root that we should use it to get our freedom and then decide what next if that is the wish of the people. Please read the paragraph 24 of the proclamation filed at the UN by the ARC it state:

24. Considering that an Ambazonian government-in-exile has been formed, headed by Ambazonian Crown Prince H.R.H. Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka the interim Head of State of the Republic of Ambazonia.

What do we want? --The head of Fon Gorji to be chopped off and brought to us to be used as a cup to be drinking water with? --- for being the leader of the ARC and standing firm against Cameroon and for holding principles that aim at restoring the lost statehood of West Cameroon?

Again paragraph 28 of that set proclamation states that “Pending the re-establishment of the institutions of Ambazonia, Ni John Fru Ndi, and Dr. Martin Ngeka Luma shall co-ordinate the day-to-day internal administration of Ambazonia”. Does that sound that Fon Dinka only wanted to be head?

Where these two (Fru Ndi and late Dr. Luma) not the architects of the New Social Order among others? Did Dinka say only him can be the interim Head of State and acting prime ministers as per the Southern Cameroons Order in Council that Adhijo suspended? Or did Fon Gorji asked any of them to enter into any cult as perverse agent of Cameroon have been saying?

Now we read how Ebenezer is running his mouth talking of Fru Ndi being a genius and Dinka a bad man.  Is the SDF being what it is today with top brass out, because Fon Dinka the bad man is part of the SDF stopping the genius  Fru Ndi  from taking up the Ambazonia plight that they all started? When there are no facts to back up a point what come next is obvious. So all you can say about Dinka is that he lied? Sorry mates, you have picked red card --so you lose. What you are now saying about Fon Dinka, those better than you and have ate and drank with Fon Dinka have done more than that and it has come out to be lies.

I am just back to my house from South Sudan’s nationhood celebration here in Australia. There I saw 12 men dressed in military uniform of South Sudan, taking guard of the South Sudan’s flag that was flying side by side the Australian flag. I recalled our own youth league leaders that claimed to go the military way running their mouth as if they were suffering from verbal diarrhoea. I begin to wonder what type of army they would have built if power was in their hands.

Take note I said SOUTH Sudan and not Southern Sudan we have for long failed to appreciate adjective Southern a nation’s name. It took late John Garang about 20 years or more at the helm of SPLA to secure the final peace accord for his people before being killed in a plane crash two year after signing the peace accord. Our own case is that Fon Gorji Dinka’s head should be brought to some people to be used as a cup in drinking water with. They care less of best principles and the suffering of our people but are all looking for positions. If the amount of money that has been donated to various groups was ever given to the ARC, I think all hell would have long break loose.

Personally, putting aside the Ambazonian identity will take us backward most especially wiping out the most valuable HCB28/92 that has been endorsed by a UN organ that Ambazonia is now under Franco-Cameroon’s occupation.  That to me is the key or something very important that, if we pushed aside as the agents of Yaoundé are trying hard to do, Cameroon will gain considerable power once more to our disadvantage. The Banjul verdict will just be a perfect gift to Cameroon that we are “a people” in Cameroon. Can to think of it that some are saying that there is no union or illegal union or uncompleted union as per the The Two Alternatives Option 2 -Republic of Cameroun and Southern Cameroons and the Colonial Mater says there was a union. Where will they start to fight?

If the 1985 CNU Conference plan had worked, the Ambazonia identity was still to go to the people or parliament or anybody that was to come up. Today guys are just talking as if whatever the ARC had done or is doing can never be changed. We are at war to get free, then to get back to real business of nation building with due respect to the law and to one another. The HCB28/92 setting is that anybody that assumed the position of Head of State of Ambazonia will still have the power to question Cameroon occupation of Ambazonia.  It is not that only Fon Dinka can do it or that without him it is over. No! That is while folks are doing their best to downgrade all what ARC is doing to the advantage of our occupier.

Fon Dinka is not the problem but the principles that he and the other members of ARC have stood for, that have been giving headache to those who do not want us to be free. Because the ARC knows fully well, that the fight is a struggle to restore a lost statehood of a Nation, all steps were taken and are being taken to accord that nationhood importance by having in all it verdicts  the corporate personality Head of State, should in case any changes are to made any time. Who so ever comes to be head of state will therefore continue. It is not a one man show at all. Yaounde hate to see any organised body as Ambazonia

ARC has called for Law Enforcement but agents of Cameroon are doing their best to put down the very verdicts that are our first lines of proof that Cameroon is an aggressor or occupier. Try to go the bush-way without any legal backing and see what will befall you in this day and age.



"Western Sahara is an example.
You also have two Guinea's, that is Guinea Bisau and Guinea Conakery.
They are all neugbouring Countries sharing the same names Boy Tim and the same
border but that does not mean that the are not different from the other."
By Thomas Sama Achoa, Friday, 8 July,2011, 9:00 PM



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