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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Martin A. Ayim, Ph.D   
Friday, 08 July 2011 00:00

In my capacity as SG of the RG,  I sent this to  leaders at Washington Conclave, June 25th, as talking points. If this is the well intended letter to which an unnecessary public  response is made, I put it to the same public fora to compare and contrast. Enjoy it.

Suggestions by a humble servant and the Secretary General of the Restoration Government to Group Leaders Meeting in Washington, DC June 24 - June 26, 2011.

Greetings to everyone.

I am not  able to attend the Washington meeting because I am not well. Please, excuse my absence. This report is made to enhance discussions and decision-making considering all the cards on the table and RG initiatives to make sure we do not head towards any road block again. Have no doubt,  I am for Unity without any wavering.

As SG of the RG, I have been sent by the Head of Government on diplomatic missions to high places in the USA & UN. I have made numerous trips to UN, US State Department and US Senate Building. One of those trips I made with Chairman Ebenezar Akwanga to Senator Landrieu of Louisiana in DC Office on invitation. I am speaking from deep inside diplomatic hints. We need a new Identity. That is a New Name. I really do not care whether it is Ambazonia or not. It is only a strategic name to gain Independence. Once we are Independent, our Parliament will decide permanent name or conduct a name referendum. The Southern Cameroons is not serving us well. LRC has tainted many minds already!!!!. Whatever name we have now is TEMPORARY. Why?

The RG sent a delegation to Africa Union Border and Security Committee in 2010, led by Mola and Mr. Ndangam. They reported that a Diplomat hinted us on changing our name to send a powerful signal. Ask Mola. Ask Mr. Ndangam. During this mission Mola brought up British Northern Cameroons issue which turned off some sympathetic ears. We cannot and should not take on Nigeriaand LRC at the same time. It helps LRC!

The RG formed a Name Selection Committee Chaired by Mola, and I have the report it filed to the HoG recommending the name Ambazonia. In our exchange of notes last week while Mola was in London, on addressing Fon Dinka, he referred to Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia).
Based on the report from the Name Selection Committee and after serious considerations, Prof Carlson Anyangwe wrote to OsloConclave to consider the Name Ambazonia and that he was ready to yield for the interest of the cause. I have  copy of the letter by Prof. to Oslo for archives.

Our main challenge to-date is to secure support from a UN member willing  to bring up our case at the UN. I have been to the UN, Political Affairs Section and was told that there is a Letter of Formalization of Republic of Ambazonia. I was asked if I knew about it. I was then advised that unless a UN member brings our case to the General Assembly, and except we act otherwise the UN members will not betray fellow members. My conclusion is that it is a “Njangi” House where each one protects the other.

I belong to SCAPO. Like my Chair says, whatever is going to take the cause a step forward he will support. He will speak for  SCAPO. As SG, I will say that  If we see that Ambazonia is a step forward to get a UN Member to sponsor us, as I am hinted it is,  let us harmonize. It is not imposition. It is working to our own strategic advantage. LRC does not want us to follow this route and it is doing everything to confuse us.

The Ambazonia vs LRC talks in London ended in LRC being told, it has to evacuate Ambazonia. It is serious out there and Dinka is working solo towards this. I only wish he could come and address people personally. He says he has been betrayed alot and that after the Ambazonia V LRC talks in London last year, 2010, LRC is bent to destabilize Ambazonia with high level spies amongst us. That he has done a lot not to be wreckless at this time. On the other hand, if a group has secured a sponsorship, let us harmonize with Ambazonia and round up our struggle as we maximize our strengths. It is our cause. UN Sponsorship is KEY!

Some compatriots have asked how I can be SCAPO and RG. I say simply that Roberts Gates is a Republican and served in Obama democratic Administration. It is not so critical to give up one for the other, especially as we do not have many who can get the job done. I maintain SCAPO’s values and I see great similarity and complementary relationship  between SCAPO and Ambazonia from the legal perspective.

Another question that I was asked at UN last year when I went there on Mission is, are we ready to govern ourselves? Is it just wanting to get away from LRC or do we have a credible economic plan that is different and will take the Country forward? I said YES at the time we had SOCAMPACT. Then I was told that our leaders must articulate that economic plan and watch foul language.

Seeing from Ambazonia Webpage, there is effort in this direction and there is a structure. Ambazonia is a name like Southern Cameroons. This we must internalize and see that there is  the Ambazonia Restoration Council, which is the group. Let us always invite the Ambazonia Restoration Council (ARC). Prof Benard Fonlon, Prof Anyangwe and HRH Fon Gorji Dinka were founding members of the ARC in 1985.

We do not know what the Fon has in stock, maybe a pleasant surprise for us. Are we going to turn that down because of a TEMPORARY Name?

Sometimes we must allow objectivity reign in us to see that if something is good for the cause, let us support it and use the good thing for the general good. Some folks object with no alternative. Terrible is it not?

Just last Month, Prof Anyangwe, sent me to investigate from UN why the Maps were handed to LRC. I got inside feedback that the maps were to remind Biya of Cameroon then and Cameroon now. That UN did not forsee us making political capital out of it, which rightly we have the right. That,  we need a Member Nation to bring our case up at the UN. Again, the name Dinka and Ambazonia came up from their end not my end. So, for some reasons, something is going on in there we do not really know.

I hope I have made a frank report about what I know from my multiple connections.  I will conclude by saying, my sentiments are exactly Prof. Anyangwe's sentiments. We want results not positions. Our people deserve results. The time is now. I wish you good deliberation for our sake.

God bless us and give us fraternal wisdom.

Thank You.

The Peoples Servant
Dr. Martin Ayim




0 # BSCLF 2011-07-11 23:56
We like this frank and objective report by Prof. Martin Ayim. We need to rally around any person or group that gives us the UN sponsorship. We, the British Southern Cameroons Liberation Front([#*@$%&!]LF) composed of Home-Based Youths, endorse these frank suggestions as intended.
Thank You, Prof.

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