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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Written by Tanyi Ojongmboh   
Friday, 15 July 2011 15:06

Beware of SCYL Agent Provocateurs

Cho Lucas Ayaba says: "This is how we will get independence; A liberation war against an entrenched and arrogant occupier."

Who is Cho Lucas Ayaba?
First of all Ayaba is Mankon man; and we know that Mankon is one of the many clans which make up the Widikum ethnic group. The very fact that Ayaba does not even know that he is a Widikum man shows that he may not know even his mother's name. No doubt he does not know that the geographical name of his country is Ambazonia; in his ignorance he calls Ambazonia a cult name.

This is the loud mouthed delinquent who incited some of our pro-freedom youths to carry out the 1997 childish urban guerrilla war in Bamenda which resulted in our innocent people being killed, many more wounded and some had their houses burnt. Not even one gendarme was wounded. Meanwhile he Ayaba escaped to Europe and quit the struggle. So he is known back home as an Escapee Quitter

The Government of Ambazonia wants to warn our compatriots to ignore the SCYL so called Liberation War. We suspect that Ayaba may be a French agent provocateur. An agent provocateur is a comrade who is paid to incite his colleagues into violent action so as to justify the enemy taking violent response to eliminate many and crush the entire group or movement. Usually the agent provocateur is so loud mouthed in his condemnation of the enemy that you feel your fighting spirit is not high enough you easily yield to his urge to action, but you soon find yourself a casualty because he the agent provocateur has tipped off the enemy to expect your action. That was how they tipped off the Cameroun gendarmes who even burnt a house where an SDF administrator (an Anglophone) lived. We know this for sure because they first pushed the government vehicle out of the way before setting the SDF administrator's house on fire.

It is known that Paris and Yaoundé (the enemy) feel more frustrated that more and more people are seeing sense in the Ambazonian legal victories; and some countries and NGO's are considering action to publicly help enforce law against Yaoundé.

The enemy would prefer that we fall into the trap of starting a Southern Cameroons libration war so they can use superior arms to mow down our people and kill the cause.

What disturbs the enemy most is that in order to enforce UNHRC judgment CCPR/1134/2002 which adopted HCB/28/92, HRM the Ambazonian Head of State issued an ordinance proclaiming that Ambazonia is in a State of War with Cameroun. By the Napoleonic Code which applies in Cameroun where the public process for enforcing law is blocked, the population is under an obligation to take any action including the use of force to enforce that law or judgment.

The Franco-Cameroun alliance knows that as long as our action is for enforcing the law, activists have a defense before any court of law. A case in point was that of Justice Muluh Mbuh who was accused of secession. The evidence was all the documents carrying Anbazonian logos and letter heads. One of the hurdles for the prosecution was to locate the area within the Republic of Cameroun which is called Ambazonia so as to hold Justice Muluh Mbuh guilty of secession. On that point alone the prosecution case was doomed to collapse.

That is why the enemy is working very hard to destroy these legal covers associated with Ambazonia. They want us to call our country Southern Cameroon instead of Ambazonia, and to transform the Ambazonian Law Enforcement Action into a Southern Cameroons Liberation War; so that any activities could be stigmatized as secessionist terrorism and the activists called terrorists.

The frantic effort to destroy the name Ambazonia and the legal parameter Ambazonia has won for our people is very clear for any sensible person to see.

WARNING: The Government of Ambazonia therefore strongly warn all Ambazonians to distance themselves from the Southern Cameroon Liberation War which SCYL and their Southern Cameroons Patriotic Front want you to engage in.

Be warned that before you make any move, this same SCYL who tipped off the Cameroon gendarmes before the 1997 insurgence would as always leak it to Paris and Yaoundé.

Tanyi Ojongmboh
Minister of Information & Communication




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