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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Tanyi Ojongmboh   
Sunday, 24 July 2011 15:51

Dear Dr. Atang,

I am writing to congratulate you for seeking an end to what you call killing time on unproductive ventures. Remember that it was the publication of HCB/28/92 in the Douala based news paper LE MESSAGER in 1993 which spurred the kingpins of the All Anglophone Conference (AAC), i.e., the Three Wise Men to ignore Yaoundé threats and, went on to score a resounding success in that the resolutions inter alia included one to the effect that they agreed with the main thrust of the HCB/28/92.

These Three Wise Men were Barrister Ekongtang Elad, Barrister Dr. Simon Munzu and Dr. Anyangwe (then a lecturer at the faculty of law at University of Yaoundé) who is not a Barrister.

These AAC kingpins linked up with HRE Fon Dinka and it was agreed that in exercise of his powers under the Ambazonian Constitution (Southern Cameroons Order-in- council), he HRE Fon Dinka in his capacity as the Ambazonian Head of State should issue an ordinance appointing a skeleton government led by Dr. Simon Munzu as Prime Minister; Barrister Blaise Berinyuy (HCB/28/92 Hero) was appointed 1st Deputy Prime Minister; Dr. Gwang Gumne was appointed Minister Secretary General to Head of State; Barrister Elad was appointed Attorney General; Dr. Carlson Anyangwe was appointed Foreign Minister; Lord Justice Nyoh Wakai was appointed the Speaker of the Ambazonian Constituent Assembly whose composition and convocation would be done by HRE Fon Dinka on the advice of the Prime Minister Munzu; Barrister Charles Taku was appointed Secretary of the Constituent Assembly which would act as Legislative Council until the Elections are conducted to re-establish our Parliament. These leaders all agreed that the way forward was to seek enforcement of HCB/28/92 against Yaoundé.

Sir Dr. Atang, everyone knows that law enforcement relies on the use of force or a credible threat of the use of force.  It is not even possible unless we regard it as a liberation process which needs strict military discipline.

Two years later in 1995, the SCNC was borne. Though Elad was the leader, Dr. Susungi and Dr. Youngbang claimed that our country was still a UN trust territory and that a delegation led by Foncha to the UN would bring us independence. Foncha accepted to lead but on conditions that: (a) Muna must be included in the delegation (b) Fon Dinka must not only be excluded from the mission but also from any role at all in an independent Southern Cameroons.

So from 1995 the leaders of Southern Cameroons groups have had one hidden agenda and that is to attack and denigrate Ambazonia and HRE Fon Gorji-Dinka. And except HRH Chief Ayamba's faction of the SCNC which has occasionally talked with HRE Fondinka, every other SCNC faction or liberation movements (whether SCAPO or British Cameroons RG, you name it) is operating on the one and only one agenda which is how to destroy the imaged of HRE Fon Dinka.

These anti-Ambazonian gangs have never attacked Paul Biya or Cameroon. All we see is 16 years of chronic fault finding against HRE Fon Dinka and a campaign of moral sabotage and character assassination against him; with Yaoundé Master Spy Mola Njoh Litumbe as their leader.

Dr. Atang, are these the people you describe as others in the struggle? These are people who see "The Struggle" as how best to bring down HRE Fon Dinka and his law enforcement stance. They have become so exasperated at the fact that the image of HRE Fon Dinka gets bigger day after day so much so that they have recruited holders of PhDs in foul language to launch unprovoked attacks on his person. And you call these foul language professors others in the struggle? Please let us really be honest here: is it okay for Ambazonians to sit idly by and watch what they stand for being rubbished by foul language professors? Why can't they pick up Barrister Berinyuy's challenge to them to ignore our leader MRM Fon Gorji-Dinka and proceed to bring us independence?.

Dr. Atang, I do not think these people are others in the struggle so please review your judgment.

Tanyi Ojongmboh.



I have, on several occasions, cautioned our leaders in particular, and members of the Internet forums in general, to refrain from 'killing time' on unproductive ventures, and instead endeavor to work in a concerted manner in order to attain our legitimate objective - Independence in a timely manner.  It is paradoxical to note that all of us are in consonance with the idea of reasserting complete independence for our country, while at the same time; some are always in dissonance regarding the modus operandi of the struggle. Can we, henceforth focus on important issues pertaining to our struggle?

I am kindly and humbly calling on all concerned; to refrain from authoring or generating frivolous statements designed to attack others in the struggle.

We need to remain focused as we tackle the genuine problems confronting us in a systematic manner.  Otherwise all the hard work already put in may end in a fiasco.

My 2 cents!

Christopher Atang, Ph.D.,




0 # Dr. Christopher Atan 2011-08-03 16:52
Dear Mr. Ojongmboh:
It seems as if you are preaching to the choir. I do not disagree with the contents of your analysis of our predicament. However, "quod scripsi, scripsi." In other words, I still stand by what I wrote that triggered your response.
Finally, let's focus our attention on how to emancipate our homeland currently being neocolonized by a neighboring country.

Dr. Atang
0 # Serkfem C.W 2012-06-25 07:55
Dr. Atang's call for unity is the most telling and sane thing any forward thinking mind can share bed with now.
For over two decades today, Ambazonians have exhausted invaluable time in crusted internet drains.Like Dr. Atang posits, nothing right will ever be achieved through this multi-form rantings.
We all recognize that the internet is a powerful gun; but when we fail to muster and master such power, the power in the gun becomes self destructive.