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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Tanyi Ojongmboh   
Sunday, 23 October 2011 00:00

HRH the Lord Justice Ayah

Are you seriously suggesting that a lawyer of your standing does not know:

  1. that The Republic of Cameroon is the name adopted by French Cameroun at its independence on 1 January 1960? Question: Does the term French Cameroun not automatically exclude Southern British Cameroons (Ambazonia)?Answer: Of course it does so Southern British Cameroons (Ambazonia) is not within the territorial boundaries of the Republic of Cameroon.
  2. that Republic of Cameroon disappeared when it merged with Southern British Cameroons ( Ambazonia) on 1 October 1961?
  3. that when the Republic of Cameroon came back to life again, that means the merger that killed the republic of Cameroon had died on the 2 January 1984 when restoration Law 84/01 came into force?
  4. that Fon Dinka took this law 84/01 to the UN Human Rights Committee for interpretation and the UNHRC confirmed thus: As a result of the subjugation of Ambazonian by the Franco-Cameroon armed forced riots broke out prompting Cameroon Parliament to enact restoration law 84/01 ... which dissolved the union of the two countries?

I am not a legal expert but I do understand that when the union of the two countries disappears, Ambazonia and Cameroon become again as mutually sovereign and as legally distinct from each other as they were before the illegal ill-fated and much troubled union which was imposed on us by Anglo-French Cold War politics.

That means Ambazonians are foreigners in Cameroon just as Cameroonians are foreigners in Ambazonia period. This is simple elementary logic.

The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan flew to Cameroon in January 2005 and reminded Paul Biya that the occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroon violates Ambazonian sovereignty thus posing a threat to international peace and security. Paul Biya signed a commitment to withdraw from Ambazonia which reads: I President Biya of the Republic of Cameroon , in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict hereby commit myself and government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.

Your Honor, General Semengue’s memoires were launched by Biya at the Presidency . In it he says that they the indigenous Cameroon top brass in the military had perfected the plan kill Fru Ndi and topple his government if Fru Ndi (who is a foreigner with an adopted Cameroonian citizenship) should be installed as President of Cameroon.

Your Honor all of us know that except Fru Ndi who refused an offer to join Biya's government all of you Anglophones Cameroonians who dabbled in this elections know from day one that you went job seeking. You just wanted to pull some votes so that Paul Biya can give you ministerial appointments like he did to Bouba Belo Maigary and Augustine Kodock in 1992.

The unfortunate thing is that a colonial mentality makes some Ambazonians refer to themselves as Anglophone Cameroonian and so they think they are Cameroonian citizens. They have only themselves to blame for the embarrassment they get at being called foreigners.

Fon Dinka indeed has repeatedly said that Ambazonia's struggle is 80% of spiritual dimensions; hence even high class lawyers would not see what he Fon Dinka sees as purely legal matter.

But Ambazonia will be free in God's mysterious ways and in the fullness of God's time regardless of the slave mentality of those who pose as our leaders.

By the way if you feel so strongly why not lead in organizing an Anglophone MPs boycott of the Cameroon Parliament which is to swear in Paul Biya?

With Kind regards to your honor,

Tanyi Ojongmboh

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Akoson Raymond wrote:


Mr. President,

You would have known by now that of the seven candidates who signed the Yaounde Declaration demanding the cancellation of the recent presidential election, four are Anglophones and three are from the West Region. You should also have known by now that these are the two groups that your Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Justice has excluded from acceding to the presidency of Cameroon.

Your press secretary must have briefed you this morning that the press has reported that the “Prefet” of Mfoundi has issued a declaration that Yaounde is not our capital and has invited us to go back home. In 1990 the Government Delegate to Yaounde Urban Council referred to Anglophones as “ennemis dans la maison” and urged us to go back home. He received tacit approval from you. That same pronouncement has been repeated several times by ministers and ex-ministers of your clan with impunity and with similar tacit approval from you.

As one of the prominent contemporary Anglophones’ leaders, I have the honour to request you to come out with an authoritative statement about the belonging of Anglophones the earliest possible. As no people are stateless in today’s world, you may wish to clarify further whether your subordinates’ pronouncements, apparently endorsed by you, are not a clarion endorsement of the stance of SCNC on the statehood of British Southern Cameroons in that we do not belong here.

In the meantime, you may wish to placate Anglophones’ burning passions by publicly dissociating yourself from the “Prefet” of Mfoundi by sacking him forthwith. You may wish to take us seriously, Sir. If only this time!

Ayah Paul Abine

PAP Presidential Candidate




-1 # Ivo Enowbi. B 2012-05-19 10:55
Well written honorable. Biya is just playing forr time but the time is coming when the rejected stone (SCNC) shall become the corners stone. Biya fight against corruption has no meaning because he is the most corrupt Cameroonian. Let him clean himself before cleaning others.
+1 # Che Elvis 2012-11-16 11:20
Just as you honorable can stand out of the regime even with all its odds, we will one day stand our grounds like a state. "THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD DIE BY THE SWORD". So too shall Mr Biya die from the rod of his own creation.
-1 # Sain 2016-02-24 02:34
Where is Ayah Paul now? Some of us are the course.