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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Written by Fongum Gorji-Dinka   
Friday, 11 November 2011 00:00


On 11/11/85 the Cameroon Parliament unanimously called for a round table conference where Ambazonia and Cameroon would meet on the basis of mutual sovereign equality as it was at the 1961 Foumban conference. Any lawyer worth that profession agrees that this constitutes recognition of Ambazonia as a sovereign nation by Cameroons Legislature. That’s why Paul Biya accused S.T Muna of leading a pro Dinka parliamentary revolt against his regime. And consequently, Biya treated Muna as a rebel and refused to meet with Muna until Muna quit politics and eventual passed on.

Thanks to the pamphlets I signed calling for Cameroon President Paul Biya to withdraw from Ambazonia in compliance with Cameroon law 84/01; and thanks even more to Ni John Fru Ndi who masterminded the Dinka riots based on those pamphlets to storm Yaounde with a threat of the use of force that was so instant, so massive and so overwhelming that it gave Yaounde Parliamentary President neither the time to reflect nor a choice of means to respond; but to do as told.

Today while we commemorate that very momentous achievement of 11 November 1985, we must express our deep gratitude to the Lord God who motivated the President of the Cameroon Parliament Hon Solomon Tandeng Muna to deliver the speech, opening the Cameroon Parliament, from his own heart, rather than follow the system where the Parliamentary President reads a speech prepared or vetted for him by the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

On this 26th anniversary of Cameroon according legislative recognition to Ambazonia we need to focus on the events that took place in our capital city Buea on 1 October this year. Our populations thronged to Buea to assert Ambazonia’s sovereignty, as never done ever before. Again we thank God for motivating the arrogance of Cameroon despotism to physically attack Ambazonia and drag us to Court; forgetting that in any legal contest Ambazonia would as always defeat Cameroon hands down.

We give thanks to God that for motivating the Ambazonian legal community, as never before, to take this Cameroon arrogant show of force as a challenge and decided to confront Cameroon head on. I urge you our lawyers to remember that what you all need is the superb legal expertise to pull the right plug and lawless Cameroon would come down crashing, belly up; for law is the weakest point of Cameroon.

Then along came the Cameroon presidential elections on 9 /10/11 where the Lord God motivated our people to vote so massively to expel from Ambazonia, any rule of Cameroon or any political party led by a Cameroonian. The field reports are that Ambazonians see it as an Ambazonia-v-Cameroon battle and they have vowed to concretize Ambazonian sovereignty or die in the course of doing so. They now reject the labels SCNC SCAPO SCARM or SCYL or SDF or PAP which have been used to divide Ambazonians into factions. It is now do or die Ambazonia-v-Cameroon. That is why in order to pre-empt a blood bath the Ambazonian Head of State wrote an Open Letter to the Cameroon Head of State demanding that Cameroon should now peacefully withdraw from Ambazonia, and to let us fall back on the Plebiscite Pact, which was renovated by HCB/28/92. We can now rely on it to create a Confederacy of Ambazonia and Cameroon Independent Nations (CACIN) once Cameroon withdraws peacefully from Ambazonia.

It is understood that the publication of this letter in Cameroon’s most independent News Paper, The POST has caused what Yaounde calls Tremblement de Dinka (Dinka’s earth quake). Let this jolt the lawless to reconsider their lawlessness and comply with law; else pay very dearly the price of lawlessness.

Meanwhile another earth tremor has been set off by the SDF Chairman Fru Ndi. Since 1992 he had hoped to become Cameroon President just so that he could restore the rule of law which was set aside when Paul Biya refused to implement law 84/01 which he himself promulgated on 2 January 1984; and thus dissolved the illegal , ill-fated and much troubled Union of English and French Cameroons. The SDF Chairman told the world through the Cameroon Supreme Court that seeking to restore the rule of law through the ballot box is an impossible task; and so they would not expect to see him again. Does this mean the SDF Chairman has finally accepted to fall back on strategies akin to the Dinka Riots which he so ably masterminded in 1985? If so then welcome back home Mr. Chairman.

I believe that God may have hardened President Paul Biya’s heart against all the messages God has sent to him ever since the NEW SOCIAL ORDER fired the first shots in the ongoing Ambazonian struggle to put an end to Cameroon occupation of Ambazonia. That is how God hardened the heart of King Pharaoh of Egypt to reject God’s several requests through Moses to Let my People Go. Pharaoh attracted a befitting reward; total destruction for him and his best soldiers.

A Paris monthly news paper Le Monde Diplomatique of May 1986 published an article titled DANGEROUSES FRUSTRATIONS Les Contestation des Anglophones which in effect called on President Biya to respond to me in the same manner as King Pharaoh of Egypt responded to Joseph the dreamer, a Jewish slave prisoner. But God may have blocked President Biya’s heart so that a befitting reward upon him and his best Anglophones collaborators and their families comes unto them.

Ambazonian Compatriots; let me end by saying the time may be delayed, the manner uncertain but Ambazonia is God’s Garden; so we are God’s children. And since the Lord God has this year declared that His children are over comers, we are therefore set to overcome, sooner than later. Yes, He has said it and so must it be; in the name and through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, for now and forever more, Amen.

Fongum Gorji-Dinka

Head of State



0 # stephen 2011-11-26 14:51
mr president fon gorgi-dinka, know that we are with you and behind you. no step backward, we are a soveriegn state.farward ever, we have to be independent, and drive the enemy out of our teretory.the state of ambazonia must survive,and exist.we have surfered so much, for so long, with out any justification.let all trators desiste from, thier malicios acts or face the consiquencis of the ambazonian i wish all trators be hanged and burned alive because thats what they deserve.long live the republic of ambazonia,and long live the president dinka.
0 # solomon 2011-12-07 04:47
we will over come, we will over come. GOD bless you my president Fon Dinka.
0 # stephen 2011-12-08 16:20
if you dont know your enemy then, you are not an ambazonian.seach for your history,thats your identity.if you dont have an identity, then you are no body, and you are no where either.ambazonians, we all have a responsibility to our people, and to our nation, lets get to work.long live the president of the republic of ambazonia, and long live ambazoia republic. from here we will build a strong and prosperous, and free nation for all ambazonians.hip hip,huuuraaa.

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