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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Amos N. Mudoh   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 14:32


I have read the several postings which accuse the Bamilikis as enemies of the Ambazonia's independence struggle. The accusation is unfair and is typical of our so called elites who refuse to admit their own faults but prefer to look for escape goats. So they blame our self inflicted wounds on the Bamilikis.

To this day the sabotage and the counters strokes which impede our progress do not come from the Bamilikis but from ethnic Ambazonians. Before we look at the catalogue, I hereby state that this small contribution will contain names just because without mentioning name the facts will not be clear to some people. For new comers get yourself arm with the truth of our struggle and for old guys to read it in context of the blame being thrown on Bamilikis. Here we go;

The first counter attack to the struggle came from the so called North West Elites in Yaounde.  It consisted of top civil servants MPs and business men. They jointly signed a document denouncing HRM Fon Dinka as a lunatic who wants to disrupt national unity. Barrister Ben Muna, and George Achu true bred Ambazonians were some of the kingpins who organized it.

The second attack came from the so called South West Elites. They marched through Yaounde streets carrying placard saying Paul Biya is our Leader; Down with Dinka. Barrister Fred Eko a true bred Bakweri man was the organizer. Not Bamiliki

In 1990 it was agreed that what holds us to Yaounde is the boot leaker MPs. So HRM issued a letter calling on them to stay away from Yaounde -- while the international bodies were on the alert to pick it up from where the MPs would have ended.

The UN office in Yaounde was to report if a majority “anglos” boycotted Yaounde Parliament. Fru Ndi had agreed to get his boys to serve the MPs with the letters. (Also read paragraph 28 and 29 of  Proclamation Formalizing the Independence of Ambazonia (Retyped) being part of the plan)

Dr Youngbang who received some of the letters went to Victoria where the Fako MPs held a meeting and declared 100% boycott

The Voice of America had slated HRM Fon Dinka to address the Ambazonia nation on the boycott.  But then it turned out that  Fru Ndi instead of getting the letters to our MPs as agreed decided to burnt them keeping only a few for himself.

The Fako MPs who had boycotted Yaounde had to rush to Yaounde when they realized that all other “anglo” MPs were in Yaounde. So the boycott failed thanks to sabotaged by Fru Ndi.

Is Fru Ndi a Bamiliki man? No He is an ethnic Ambazonian. Was he the only Ambazonian that knew this plan? No.

One can also read Ambazonian Strategy for Restoration of Power to the People Rejected by SDF and Fon Dinka's Plea for Ambazonia-SCNC Merger Rejected by SCNC . These are plans that true Ambazonian messed up and we hear come to blame Bamiliki people.

According to HRM he thought that any lawyer worth that profession would agree that law 84/01 set an end to the illegal union and that, he was saying allowed what fellow members of the legal profession were saying in secret but just did not have the courage to speak out. He says the attack on him by lawyers made him know that God had blinded others from seeing what He the Lord has revealed to him as a purely legal matter.

Even after the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that the Cameroon-Ambazonia illegal union was dissolved by law 84/01, the attack mounted against the UN ruling was not by the Bamilikis but an ethnic Bakweri man Mola Njoh Litumbe and an ethnic Nkambe man Dr. Gumne.

For over six years they together waged a relentless attack the UN for upholding HCB/28/92  Then in order to inject confusion in our people’s minds  Dr Gumne declared his own Republic of AmbazAnia  We understand that declaration of AmbAzania was the brain child of Dr. Nfor Susungi. This only adds to the list of ethnic Ambazonian elites who have been fighting against the restoration of Ambazonian sovereignty. They have vehemently refused to build on the foundation that was laid since 1985. Is it because they don’t know?

Most recently when the so called Patriotic Coalition Front was formed, instead of attacking Paul Biya, it made the Ambazonian Head of State its target.  Week after week they lashed out against his person. And he took it waiting for the Lord God to do his defense for him. And in His usual mysterious ways the Lord God set the PCF gang of hate at each other’s throat and brought the PCF gang of hate to its own self destruction, RIP.

Look at HRH Lord Justice Aya a lawyer and retired judge; he in his redeemed Cameroun believes that ex-British Southern Cameroon is part of French Cameroon Republic. Yet he witnessed when in May 2010 the UN dramatized the fact that in international law the country called Republic of Cameroon is the former UN trust territory of French Cameroon and that since Ambazonia is the former UN trust territory of British Southern Cameroon it is not and has never been part of the territory of the French Cameroon Republic. What a fool is Lord Justice Aya making of himself and those dancing around him like poisoned rats.

Let us admit it; the attacks and sabotage against our liberation never come from the Bamilikis but from ethnic sons of the soil of Ambazonia itself.  If we now see our mistake let us say so and toe the line of the spearhead of our liberation struggle. The Bamis are not preventing us from correcting your mistake.

However as HRM Fon Dinka says only a great mind admits error and thereby rises to the sublimities of excellence.  But the small mind prefers to bury his head, like an ostrich, in the sands of empty stupid pride; forgetting that by so doing it exposes its rather sordid posterior for all to see, and for the wind to blow the stench from it to turn people off

Lord Justice Aya is still out there swearing in the name of a redeemed Cameroun where Ambazonia is an integral part. So Compatriots leave the Bamilikis alone.  The enemy of Ambazonia is the ethnic Ambazonian.

Is it not the hand work of God that despite years of attack and sabotage starting from 1985, Ambazonia grows stronger and stronger by the day? Come to thinks of it. It is a divine process:


  1. The Lord God got Biya to enact Law 84/01 and so cut off the illegal bonds tying us to Yaounde; Republic of Ambazonia is Anchored on Restoration Law No. 84/01 Read PART ONE paragraph 1 “SOVEREIGNTY” and the Explanation Note
  2. He got HRM to cash in with The New Social Order and two other pamphlets ( The Rebellion of Ambazonia & An Open Letter to the L'Etat-Major of Cameroun ) telling Biya to obey the law 84/01 and get out of Ambazonia.
  3. He got HRM Fon Dinka to craft HCB/28/92 and He got a jobless Blaise Beirnyuy to push HCB/28/92 though the Court. Full link HCB28-92 Retyped
  4. He got the UNHRC to uphold HCB/28/92 as our tromp card.
  5. He got Biya to sign the Annan Bakassi Peace Accord to withdraw from Ambazonia,Press Release SG/T/2434
  6. He got UN surveyors to reconstruct the pillars along the international boundary separating Ambazonia from Cameroon,
  7. He got the UN during the 50th anniversary of Cameroon independence to dramatize the fact that in international law the boundaries of Republic of Cameroon are those of the former French Cameroon. United Nations Gift of Maps to Paul Biya on 20 May 2010
  8. He got the Etoudi ambition of Fru Ndi and Aya to crash belly up and sent them home to leak their wounds;
  9. And He used the Buea events 1st October 2011 to refocus our people to liberating Ambazonia from the subjugation by the armed forces of the Franco-Cameroon coalition.


Stop blaming Bamilikis and face ourselves. We are our problem

Yes He the Lord God did all this; So have faith in the Lord that He would deliver his garden Ambazonia from the subjugation by the armed forces of the Franco-Cameroon coalition sooner than later.

Time may be delayed; the manner uncertain, but He the Lord will do it big time. Watch out for this leap year 2012

Mudoh Amos Nsuna (MAN)


Famous Quotes

“I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun do hereby, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.”
- Annan-Bakassi Peace Accord

I can state here and now that the People of southern Cameroons (Ambazonians) would never have voted in favour of unification with French Cameroun if it had not been for the assurances given that the resulting union would take the form of a federation...
- John Ngu Foncha

International Law does not regard you (Ambazonians) as people of Cameroonian Nationality; this must be shocking to you.
- Fongum Gorji-Dinka
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