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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Fongum Gorji-Dinka   
Monday, 16 January 2012 15:13

My son Amos,

Your posting titled Leave Bamilikis Alone was superb.
But may I make a little addendum or corrigendum to the list of acts of divine intervention.

First let me on behalf of the Ambazonian people express my gratitude to the Lord God for answering my prayers to raise for the Ambazonian liberation struggle our own Thabo Mbekis and Jacob Zumas.

A liberation struggle is like warfare, and in warfare we need strict military discipline under a commander-in-chief. It is unfortunate that ours is plagued with a Babble of confusion born of self-serving ambition. It is only among Ambazonians that you read some who regrettably hail such confuse try your own, me too I try my own as the way forward. It tells us of the type of elites we have and the enormous task before us. Fortunately the boys on the home front know better


I was detained in a Yaounde lonely police cell whose dirty and wet cement floor was my bed, my dining table and my toilet. It rendered me very ill. Our boys (I can't mention names) had approached a doctor from my Widikum tribe for his intervention to get me out on medical grounds. The doctor refused and vowed that "after what he has done to upset the unity of the country he won't get away with it this time." So one of the boys managed to slip a note to me advising me to not take any tablet given by that doctor.

But my illness became so grave that they took me to the CUSS hospital. I prayed hard that I be seen by the wife of an Anglo family friend who is Bamiliki (Incidentally the best of my friends were all Bamis. It was the wife of a Bamiliki friend who typed The New Social Order for me. It was she who daily brought me food in that police cell; while Dr. Stella Anyangwe [wife of Professor Carlson Anyangwe] did so on Saturdays and Sundays.

Just as we arrived at the hospital and the guards put me on a chair, I saw Dr. K N passing. I managed to call out to her. She turned and said "Gorji you are looking absolutely miserable, what happened? Pointing at the plain clothes armed guards I told her why I was brought there.
She asked: "Do you have CFA 10,000 Franc for registration"? She took it away and returned with a card admitting me to hospital.

The guards took me back to their boss who arranged for armed police to occupy the two beds that flanked my bed in a special three bed ward.

News that I had been hospitalized brought Anglos to the ward. Among the first to come was the one who had sent me the warning not to take any medication from our tribesman doctor. He told me that the ploy was to make me insane so as to confirm to Biya that I was a man suffering from insane delusions from time to time.

The nurse would bring the tablets and I would delay till she leaves; then I would flush it down the wash hand basin. They had waited for signs of insanity but I was instead getting better.

One day my doctor took me into the CCTV room. It was so small that the armed guards had to stay out. She told me of arrangements for me to be transferred to the mad peoples hospital Centre Jamot so I could stay there indefinitely. I told her “You must be insane yourself K; why are you sending me to a mad peoples hospital when you won’t be there?She chuckled with laughter. She and her husband (a specialist physician) knew I was one of those patients who would try to even dictate the remedy they should give me. She explained that my tribes man Doctor was in charge of the arrangements. Without giving away what I had been told of that tribesman doctor I responded calmly “K give me until Monday to respond please, today is Friday.” She said: “OK Gorji see you Monday. She then called the guards and asked them to take me to my bed.

I set my watch to chime every hour so I could say little prayer “Lord if my transfer would spell danger for me, please take me out of here.”
Then at about 11:30 Sunday morning I saw an appetiton before me in a very soft voice. He ordered me to “Get up and get out.” The he disappeared.

Wondering how I was going to change from hospital pajamas and then pass the armed guard; I got up and in the plain view of the armed guards I changed from the hospital pajamas into my own clothes. I expected the armed guard would assume I was insane and stop me changing; but they did not.

I picked up my Bible, walked towards them and instead of stopping me they made way for me. I went out of the ward and out of hospital, got a taxi to Dr. Siga Asanga's house. I got Siga to drop me at the British Ambassador’s residence; and there I asked for asylum. That was a divine intervention to save me from the mad people's hospital where medication by injection would have made me insane.


One day at the BMM, a Bakossi prisoner name Kome came up to me, introduced himself and said he was surprised I was still alive. He told me how a certain Lawal who had been my inmate at the Kondengui and had been transferred to them in Mokolo wept nonstop for days; and when he found out that Kome was Anglophone, he confessed that he had been given poison which he injected into my Evian Bottle water. They had promised releasing him if he did; and had transferred him to Mokolo to wait my death before releasing him. This was three months after he had been taken out of my cell and I remember very vividly that the water I drank after Lawal left did not taste right, but since I was the one who opened the seal I assumed it was bad factory work. So I drank it for three days running. So divine intervention turned BMM poison into nourishment.


Paul Biya had charged me with high treason and demanded sentence of death by a firing squad. I was surprised when the Cameroon Military Tribunal (CMT) upheld my defense that I had only asked the President to obey Cameroon law 84/01 and withdraw from Ambazonia. They agreed that asking the President to comply with his own law cannot be an offence.

I thought my acquittal was arranged by Biya himself; but I got to know it was divine intervention only when later that same day the BMM people came to Dr. Asanga's house, arrested me and took me back to the BMM. The President had appealed against CMT judgment. So the CMT judgment acquitting me was a divine intervention.

Biya had ordered an appeal against my acquittal and I was rearrested from Dr. Siga Asnga's house and taken back to the BMM.  But Biya was told that the law creating the Cameroon Military Tribunal says in any case of high treason there is no appeal against the court's decision. So Biya ordered me to be placed under indefinite house arrest.

Though I was arrested from my Residence in Bamenda GRA, it was too accessible to Les  Dinkists; a name Yaounde gave to the type of fearless Ambazonian youths (secondary and university students who carried out the Dinka Riots) So they confined me to the Widikum Palace.

One day I heard the radio announce the death of Hon Justice Scot Anyangwe. When I got to know of his burial date I drove myself to the burial in Oshie in Njikwa district. The crowd was thick. Everyone who was in NW was there. His womb kid brother Dr. Carlson Anyangwe was MC. Many spoke but just before they moved to bury him, Carlson asked me to say a few words which I did. The internment proceeded and people were asked to move to the reception for item 11.

But trouble started with the white American wife of Marcus Munji. She ran arms open in hysteria towards me; and gave me a huge hug saying: I don't mind paying a fine for embracing a Fon.  I don't care; thank God you are still alive, they said you were dead.

Others who had held off because of traditional protocol broke it and before I realized I was in the middle of a big crowd. I told them to let me get something from my car and come. But on arriving my car I simply drove off to Bamenda to avoid embarrassing the governors and top Cameroon bosses who were very unhappy that the mob were flocking to me.

I had decided to stay a few days in Bamenda in defiance of my house arrest.

Two days later police Commissioner Asene came to me and said: Fon please help me explain how you got your authorization for a visa to leave the country. Usually a man applies for passport and visa to travel. We forward it to Yaounde. The Minister then sends written instructions for us to issue it.  And when we do, we send him a copy of the document. In your case the Minister sent us written instructions to issue passports and visas to you and your wife whereas we did not receive any application from you.

I quickly joined in: And we never applied for passports. How could we when I was under indefinite house arrest and some people were even pressuring the minister of territorial administration to send me to Choleric Prison?

Then how come the minister instructed us to give you passports? He has queried me to explain why we gave you a passport
My son Asene, are you sure the instructions came from the minister?
Yes he himself signed it and put his cachet.
Then all you need do is reply that you only carried out his written instructions and send him a photocopy of his instructions.

A few days later Asene came in the dead of night on foot and said: Fon, we have received instructions to arrest you and send to Yaounde. If I find you here tomorrow I will arrest you. He left and I understood his message.

It is clear that by divine intervention Denis Ekani, the Minister of interior had issued instructions and signed them, without realizing it, ordering Commissioner of Police Asene in Bamenda to issue passpoets for me and my wife to leave the country where I was under indefinite house arrest

At dawn I drove like mad to Dr. Youngbang's house in Douala: Arnold, they want to take me back to prison. I need money to pay a speed boat to take me to Nigeria.
Mbe, this is all the money I have and its Saturday. Can you wait till Monday? I can get you more money from the Bank.
No no no! Let me have whatever money you have there.
Mbe, won’t you wait and eat something?
Arnold! Food is not my worry now. Thank you, eat my portion for me.  Bye for now.

I drove to the GM of CDC, John Niba Ngu. Thank God he had gone to Yaounde. I lied to his wife, Eli that I just wanted a few days of solitude.
I’ll stay in the the guest chalet. I instructed Let the cook bring my food there. Let no one disturb me
OK oh!  I'll see what you'll do when John comes.

I had passed through my Victoria residence and sent my house boy with a letter to my wife. A few days later he returned with few personal effects, along with my nephew Valentine. I picked up one Evangelist Ashu (one of the persons who was imprisoned for 12 months with me in Buea for being members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star) and with my nephew Valentine, we hurried to Sange fishing port in a taxi.

From nowhere, gendarmes came there. Since most security people know me and they would wonder why I was at a fishing port, I took cover. When evening came, I came out of hiding and by a hired speed boat (thanks to the money Dr. Youngbang gave me) off we sailed to Calabar.

Thanks to divine intervention, Minister Ekani ordered compol Asene to give me travelling papers without realizing it.

Yes that was the last miracle before I left Cameroon in March 1988, to be subsequently used by God to organize the Ambazonian liberation struggle.

To God be the glory

Fongum Gorji-Dinka


Famous Quotes

“I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun do hereby, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.”
- Annan-Bakassi Peace Accord

I can state here and now that the People of southern Cameroons (Ambazonians) would never have voted in favour of unification with French Cameroun if it had not been for the assurances given that the resulting union would take the form of a federation...
- John Ngu Foncha

International Law does not regard you (Ambazonians) as people of Cameroonian Nationality; this must be shocking to you.
- Fongum Gorji-Dinka
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