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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Fongum Gorji-Dinka   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 17:55

My son Tanyi

First of all let me congratulate you on a job well done.

Our people now know that anyone who insists on identifying our country with a Cameroon epithet is an agent of Franco-Cameroon imperialism.

Perhaps it is important to state that we don't know what America's policy now is but of all countries we approached for support against Franco-Cameroon imperialism, the US was the only country whose government upheld our cause since 1991.

We held a meeting at the Dept of State with the African Affairs Assistant Secretary of State  (AAASS) Irwin Hicks.  He created what he called a US-Ambazonian Dialogue.

I need to mention that the French national who was in charge of the Cameroon Desk at the US Dept of States had blocked our memorandum and request to the US for a meeting. He was so shocked when his boss the AAASS ordered him to arrange a meeting between us and the AAASS on a date and time fixed by the AAASS himself.

When he came to the lobby to usher us to his boss he asked: “Which of you is the Head of State of the Republic of Ambazonia"? Jacob pointed to me.

Sir, can I see your passport”, he demanded. “Who is this”? He asked pointing at Jacob.

He is Jacob Asi Mbah my Chief of Staff. Jacob Asi Mbah showed his Passport.

Your Excelleny”, querried the man. How was this meeting arranged without my knowledge”?
I responded: “Sir  may I know who you are and what role you play here”?

He gave us a name that was typically French and said he was in charge of the Cameroon desk.
I don't know you nor do I know your boss. How am I supposed to know how your boss got to know we wanted to meet him?”

Then looking at the French man right in the eyes I asked him: “Are you taking us to your boss or should we leave since we can't answer your question”? This put the French in his place. He was noticeably angry as he grudgingly took us to his boss.

A phone call in the evening from the former US Ambassador to Cameroon telling me that the AAASS was so very impressed that he told her that he saw someone like Nkruma in me.  I then realised that she must have been the one who short circuited that French man and arranged the meeting for us

I need to add that this former US Ambassador educated me on framing a cause of this nature: “Deal strictly with law and breaches of law”, she said adding, “for there is misery, injustice or minority problems every wherein the world. A petition void of legal parameters would enlist little sympathy.”

Finally when we read the Bakassi Greentree Agreement, we wrote the UN Secretary General to draw his attention to the fact that it was founded on a false assumption that Ambazonia (where the Peninsula is located) is within the territorial boundaries of the Republic of Cameroon whereas it is not.

We pointed that the Agreement is between Republic of Cameroon and Nigeria but the map appended to the agreement is not a map of the Republic of Cameroon but a map of the United Republic of Cameroon which was defunct since law 84/01 dissolved the Cameroon-Ambazonian Union.

We cited the UNHRC case of Fongum Gorji-Dinka -v-Cameroon whose judgment was at the UN since March 2005 confirming that law 84/01 dissolved the Cameroon union and that the two countries were mutually sovereign and legally distinct from each other.

We cited the Annan Bakassi Peace Accord (ABPA) of January 2005 where Biya accepted to withdraw from Ambazonia. Because France would lose control of Ambazonian oil, France had wanted to destroy ABPA and French agents had plotted to shoot down Kofi Annan's UN plane over Cameroon air space so as to destroy the UN copy.  But the plot leaked and Kofi Annan changed his itinerary and decided to fly out of Cameroon by Air France through Paris to NY.

He and his entourage were searched like terrorist suspects by French Secret agents before they boarded the Air France plane. But the ABPA they wanted had flown ahead by the UN plane.

Now the ICJ had ordered Nigeria to expeditiously and without condition withdraw from Lake Chad areas belonging to Cameroon and to withdraw from the Bakassi Peninsula which belongs to Ambazonia

Nigeria withdrew from Lake Chad  area which automatically reverted to Cameroon. But France realized that under international law though Cameroon occupies Ambazonia, if Nigeria withdrew from Bakassi the Peninsula would automatically revert to Ambazonia and the Ambazonian government in-exile would establish it administration there. This alone would put international pressure on Biya to withdraw from the Ambazonian main land to the east of the Mungo.

So France contrived the Greentree Agreement so that Nigeria would make a drama handing over our peninsula to Cameroon and that would enable Cameroon to move in.

Our memo exposed all this but then the boss of the UN office dealing with it was a French man. One of the workers there informed us that the French boss had refused to pass our memo to the UNSG. And so Bakassi was illegally handed over to Cameroon.

So who is our enemy? Is it an American company which takes a fruitless forest and turns into a Palm Oil Plantation which would provide jobs for our jobless or is it France which for 50 years has exploited Ambazonian oil minerals and timber and has subjugated 6 million Ambazonians under servitude to this day?
Any right thinking person would easily agree that France is the implacable enemy of Ambazonia.

I have taken time to relate all this to show that the enemy of Ambazonia is France and not America.

I agree with you Tanyi that any Ambazonian who calls our country Southern Cameroon or any epithet of Cameroon is an agent of Franco-Cameroon Imperialism.

Tanyi, when I was a small boy I usually get very angry when my mother calls out for me to leave my football game. But on finding out that it is meal time; if my sister's share looks bigger than mine I would refuse to eat. My mother would augment it and beg me to eat. Yet while I was playing football it was my sister who was helping Mum to do the cooking.

I would therefore urge those who are out there playing political foot ball to please give us a little time to cook this food for you and you will eat as you never did before.

So stop feeling estranged or making noise as if you will not be entitled to eat unless you are identified with the cooking process. Ambazonia and all it holds is for all Ambazonians including the football players

I would end by stating that France may be a nuclear power determined to perpetuate its subjugation of Ambazonia but the almighty God who initiated our liberation struggle when He got Biya to enact Law 84/01 will in the fullness of time and in His usual mysterious ways free us from France sooner than later and I repeat, sooner than later.

So Tanyi thank God for giving you to us. Keep up the good fight.
God be with you till we meet at home very soon.

Fongum Gorji-Dinka