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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Written by Tanyi Ojongmboh   
Friday, 16 March 2012 17:09

What has delayed our success is sabotage and indiscipline.

The Lord God in His infinite mercy opened Fon Dinka’s eyes to see that by operation of international law, the 2 January 1984 law 84/01 which revived the Republic of Cameroon (which was extinct in October 1961) in fact dissolved that illegal ill-fated and much troubled union which Anglo-French imperialism imposed on us in 1961.

This means that

  1. the two countries again became as mutually sovereign and as legally distinct from each other as they were before 1 October 1961
  2. the rule of our country by the Republic of Cameroon constitutes an act of aggression
  3. our country whether alone or with the help of other countries must take steps including the use of force to terminate Cameroon occupation.

In the UN and the international community the entity called Cameroon is the French Cameroun that was admitted as UN Member State as Republic of Cameroon since 1960 while our country was still within the Federation of Nigeria.

If we are to ask anyone or country for assistance to expel Cameroon from our country we must indentify our country by a name of its own. Fortunately the geographical identify of our country as Ambazonia has been God sent since the 60s.

Do you not exhibit insanity if you ask a country to help in expelling Cameroon from Southern Cameroon?

When East Pakistan wanted to free itself from Pakistan it declared itself an independent Nation with the name Bangladesh. It then sought help from India; India then sent its army to help expel Pakistan from Bangladesh.

When Pakistan accused India of aggression at the UN Security Council, India responded that Bangladesh is not in Pakistan; and that India went into Bangladesh on respond to a call by Bangladesh for help against Pakistan's aggression.

The UN could not even condemn India because the UN Charter Article 51 entitles any country which is a victim of aggression to use force whether alone or with the help of other countries to flush out the aggressor.

So if Bangladesh had continued calling itself East Pakistan all nations would treat it as an internal minority problem and no country would dare help for fear of being accused of aiding terrorist insurgency.

I wonder if those who keep calling our country Southern Cameroon see how they are indirectly telling foreign friends and sympathizers that this is an internal Cameroon affair and that they should keep out of it. Is this not sabotage by these agents of Franco-Cameroon imperialism?

Let no one bring up South Sudan because geographically, South Sudan is the Southern part of Sudan. Moreover, the FUKUS-Axis decided to balkanize Sudan not because of the more than 20 years of a bloody war but in order to deprive China of the vital energy resources needed for her rapid growing economy which is set to become number 1 by 2025.

The Lord God enabled us to obtain the judgment HCB/28/92 which the UN says was the best attempt at domestic redress of the dispute between Ambazonia and Cameroon. HCB/28/92 orders the expulsion of all elements of Cameroon rule from Ambazonian territory.

In 1993 the Ambazonian Head of State requested the aid of Nigeria's ruler General Sani Abacha to use Nigeria's Good Offices to get Paul Biya comply with the judgment. Abacha's lawyers confirmed that our case was even better than that of Bangladesh in that through the Cameroon High Court case HCB/28/92 the Republic of Cameroon and Paul Biya (who was the 2nd Defendant in the suit) were made to accord judicial recognition of the former Southern British Cameroons as Republic of Ambazonia.

If through HCB/28/92 Biya recognizes our country as Ambazonia, are we not supposed to hang on that name Ambazonia so as to inflict guilt on anybody who seeks to treat Ambazonia as an integral part of Cameroon?

Just as the name Bangladesh gave India the right to send its armed forces to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan, so does the name Ambazonia give any nations the right to help us to liberate Ambazonia from Cameroon. 

So General Abacha offered Nigeria's Good offices to get Biya to smoothly implement HCB/28/92.  But would General Abacha have made the move if we had asked him to offer Nigeria’s Good Offices to get Cameroon out of Southern Cameroon? 

Let those who insist on identifying our country as Southern Cameroon understand that they are sabotaging our liberation cause even if they are unknowingly doing so. 

Biya rejected Abacha's offer; so Abacha captured the oil rich Bakassi Peninsula and told Biya to negotiate a synchronize withdrawal of Cameroon from Ambazonian main land at the same time and date as Nigeria withdraws from the Bakassi Peninsula.

Cameroon instead requested an emergency session of the UN Security Council to condemn Nigeria and get Nigeria out of Bakassi. Since Cameroon itself is occupying Ambazonian main land the UN refused even to condemn Nigeria. Biya and France had to go to the ICJ 

Look at the UN record seeking to get Cameroon quit Ambazonia quietly:

  1. UN recognizes our country as Ambazonia but saboteurs insists that our country is the Southern Part of Cameroon
  2. UN got Biya to sign the Annan Bakassi Peace Accord to withdraw from Ambazonia back to the east of Mungo River
  3. UN upholds Law 84/01 as the termination of the illegal union between Ambazonia and Cameroon
  4. UN upholds HCB/28/92 as the best attempt to redress the Ambazonia-v-Cameroon problem
  5. UN dramatized the distinction between Ambazonia and Cameroon by sending  surveyors to rebuild the pillars along the international boundary that separates Ambazonia from Cameroon
  6. UN has dramatized the distinction between Ambazonia and Cameroon by presenting to Paul Biya a framed map of the former French Cameroon as the territorial boundaries of what the UN and international law recognize as Cameroon.

This means that UN recognizes Ambazonia as a separate country distinct from Cameroon even though Cameroon is occupying it.

Is it not a shame that those agents of Franco-Cameroon imperialism still call our country Southern Cameroon?

  1. To this day none of them has recognized that law 84/01 has put an end to Yaounde's claim to rule our country
  2. To this day none of them is calling for full implementation of law 84/01
  3. To this day none of them recognizes that HCB/28/92 has ordered that all elements of Cameroon rule should be expelled from Ambazonia
  4. To this day none of them is calling for implementation of the expulsion order HCB/28/92
  5. To this day none of them recognizes that the United Nations upholds HCB/28/92 as the best attempt at domestic redress.In fact since the UN made its decision public in March 2005, Mola Njoh Litumbe and Dr Gwang Gumne vowed to rubbish that UN decision. Hence while Dr. Gumne in order to sabotage Ambazonia declared his own Republic of AmbazAnia, Mola Njoh Litumbe spent 7 years fighting against HCB/28/92 and UN decision ICCPR/1134/2002
  6. To this day none of them is calling for Biya to comply with the Annan Bakassi Peace Accord to withdraw from Ambazonia back to the Mungo
  7. To this day  none of them is  cashing in on the fact that the UN dramatized the distinction between Ambazonia and Cameroon by sending surveyors to rebuild the pillars along the international boundary that separates Ambazonia from Cameroon
  8. To this day none of them is cashing in on the UN drama on the distinction between Ambazonia and Cameroon by presenting to Paul Biya a framed map of the former French Cameroon as the territorial boundaries of what the UN and international law recognizes as Cameroon.

Any right thinking reasonable man and the foreign friends from whom we are seeking help have agreed that Sabotage and Indiscipline is our curse.

The Ambazonian Head of State issued an ordinance which transformed the Buea demonstration of 1 October last year into an Ambazonian People's Law enforcement Action. He advised that

  • a writ of prohibition be issued to prevent any one prosecuting our boys on those Buea events
  • a Summons should be issued by way of An Order to Show Cause why an expulsion from Ambazonian territory, of the governors of South West and Northwest plus Cameroon security forces should not become absolute within 5 days.

The affidavit supporting the Order to Show Cause would list out all the above legal texts demanding Cameroon expulsion from Ambazonia. To this day has anyone heard anything yet from those lawyers?

Now we hear of an NDU initiative.

Just like the Buea initiative which Dr. Susungi invented under the SCNC which was formed in 1995  just to counter the 1993 skeleton government appointed by the Ambazonian Head of State where Dr. Munzu was PM; Berinyuy 1st Deputy PM; Barrister Elad Attorney General; Dr Anyangwe Foreign Minister; Dr Gumne Minister Secretary General to the Head of State (till He declared his own Republic of AmbazAnia); Hon Justice Nyoh Wakai President of the Ambazonian Consultative Assembly; Barrister Charles Taku Secretary to the Consultative Assembly; Even Achidi Achu was appointed as representing the Ambazonian Head of State on the Custodian Council for the Confederacy of Ambazonia and Cameroon Independent Nations (CACIN).

All this was sabotaged by the Susungi’s SCNC and his Force of argument. SCNC splintered into factions; one led by Fossung, another led by Ebong who declared yet another so called independence of the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroon.

SCNC other factions were led by Dr. Luma; another led by Ndoki Mukete etc etc. Then came another one led by Chief Ayamba which is now in 2 camps with Nfor Ngala Nfor leading one. Ayamba has sacked Nfor and Nfor has in turn has sacked Ayamba.

We have not included those SCNC factions in Diaspora who owe no allegiance to any SCNC at home.

We have not mentioned SCAPO which was yet still another brain child of Dr. Susungi again. It recently splintered into 3: Dr Ndangam leading the one registering as a Political Party in Cameroon; Dr. Gumne leading the faction rejecting registration; and the 3rd led by Dr Susungi called Action SCAPO. This died when Susungi's Etoudi ambition made him an internet candidate for the Cameroon presidential elections. That ambition seems to have died as many other brain waves of Dr Susungi who in the mean time had flirted with SDF as intending Minister for finance.

Then we have the so called British Cameroon Restoration Government. But then in 2001 SCNC and Ambazonian activists in USA had agreed at the Adams Town Conference to abandon the name Southern Cameroon and hold to Ambazonia. A Washington DC conference was billed to merge all into Ambazonian activism.

Yaoundé sent people who hijacked it; and made Prof. Carlson Anyangwe Head a Southern Cameroon Government. It is the same Prof Anyangwe who eventually became Head of State of the British Cameroon Restoration Government which is today mentioned as RG.

Self seeking ego, Self Aggrandizement, Sabotage and indiscipline have all been the curse of our struggle ever since SCNC was born.

We have put out this rough history to expose to new comers that what we call a Yaounde dark evil spell will forever torment and dribble us till we return to our first love the NEW Social Oder which fired the opening shots in this struggle in 1985. It positioned our cause on enforcement of law and it has remained on the pinnacle and added domestic and international judgments to our armory.

We saw a so called Patriotic Coalition Front come and go. It died because it denied the very legal basis of our struggle and instead turned it into politics where France and Cameroon would totally outclass us.

Now we hear of a so called Ndu Initiative.  If it has learned anything at all from this history of the struggle, then it would proceed first to make a public declaration that all their activism would be based on enforcing law 84/01 and HCB/28/92 and ICCPR/1134/2002

Of course Yaounde agents within would advise against predicating their actions on law. If after the above history the Ndu men cannot see sense in proclaiming that their activism would be based on law enforcement then this fulfilled the scriptural dictum: Lord who has believed our report and to whom has the arms of the Lord been revealed? Therefore they could not believed because He the Lord hath blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so they do not see with their eyes nor understand with their hearts, and be converted and I should save them.

Tanyi Ojongmboh



Famous Quotes

“I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun do hereby, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.”
- Annan-Bakassi Peace Accord

I can state here and now that the People of southern Cameroons (Ambazonians) would never have voted in favour of unification with French Cameroun if it had not been for the assurances given that the resulting union would take the form of a federation...
- John Ngu Foncha

International Law does not regard you (Ambazonians) as people of Cameroonian Nationality; this must be shocking to you.
- Fongum Gorji-Dinka
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