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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Written by Kee Sydney-Obiukwu   
Saturday, 02 March 2013 16:01

Mr. William Ballentyne is an accomplished Legal Practitioner and historian. He contested election as a candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) for Calabar South, Akpabio and Bakassi Federal Constituency in Cross River State in 2011, “to give a voice to the aspirations of his neglected people.” In this chat with OKEE SYDNEY-OBIUKWU, he accuses the Nigerian State of failing the people of Bakassi, forcing them to team up with the English-speaking people of Southern Cameroun, to push for an “Ambazonia Republic.”

WHAT is the state of mind of the Bakassi people in terms of their fight for self-determination?

The issue, from the perspective of the Nigerian State, has been fought and lost since October 2012. So, legally speaking, since it is 10 years now that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) gave the judgment that ceded Bakassi to Cameroon Republic, it is no longer subject to review. It is a closed case from the point of view of the Nigerian State.

But some of the indigenous people of Bakassi have opted to stay in Nigeria while some have opted to remain where their ancestral home is in the Bakassi area ceded to Cameroon by the Green Tree Agreement signed by former Nigerian Head of State, General Olusegun Obasanjo and Cameroonian Head of State, Paul Biya. That agreement was upheld by the Nigerian Supreme court judgment of 2012, therefore resting the matter legally.

But Bakassi indigenes in Cameroon are still agitating for the right to self-determination. What is their latest course of action?

We have to go back to the pre-1961 plebiscite, which unfortunately made the Republic of Ambazonia become a part of the United Federal Republic of Cameroon. Therefore naturally, by geographic location, Bakassi will now fall under the Republic of Ambazonia, which is presently politically located in Southern Cameroon. And the English–speaking people of Ambazonia in the South of Cameroon, together with the Bakassi people, have said they no longer want to belong to the Republic of Cameroon.

So, the people of Bakassi have decided to join forces with Anglo-phone Cameroon to push for the Republic of Ambazonia?

That is the agitation presently since the Ambazonia people no longer want to remain in Cameroon. We are pursuing this cause purely in a legal way. That is why we have gone back to the United Nations to restate our case. We want to go back to the former position when the Republic of Ambazonia existed. Remember that in 1984, the Paul Biya government came up with the restoration law, which dissolved the Federal United Cameroons Republic to form Federal Republic of Cameroon. That technically meant Ambazonia is no longer part of Federal Republic of Cameroon. This also means that the two equal state structure, represented by the 1961 plebiscite has been nullified, with the interests and privileges of the Ambazonia citizens jeopardized under the present arrangement. This situation therefore, leaves us with the justifiable option of seeking for self-determination, by demanding that we should revert to the pre-1961 status ante.

Has any platform been created to sustain this struggle?

Yes, already the Ambazonia Liberation Movement has been formed to mount pressure internally within the bounds of international law and diplomacy, committee of nations and the principle of self-determination to restore the Republic of Ambazonia.

Don’t you think both the Nigerian and Cameroon governments would see this action as an affront to their sovereignty, and may declare military action?

No, the Nigerian government should really stay out of this issue because they did not help the Bakasi people by asking for or sponsoring a referendum for the people to choose whether to be in Cameroon or Nigeria or by insisting that the 1913 Anglo-German treaty was replaced by 1919 Treaty of Versailles. The 1919 Treaty handed over the oversea territories to the League of Nations.

Should the Republic of Cameroon threaten military action against the proposed Ambazonia Republic, have you any structure to contain them?

Well, if they want to resort to that option, we will leave them to the conscience of humanity and the United Nations Organization, which is the umbrella body that recognizes sovereign nations. Lastly, we should also check our history to properly situate this matter.


Originally published on The Guardian News Paper



+1 # Steven 2013-05-01 13:56
Forward ever backward never, our case is fully justified within the international law. Victory is ours. long live the republic of Ambazonia. Traitors will be treated according to the law. No prawn mentallity.
0 # omini matthew 2013-05-10 16:43
i shall be the most happiest on earth if this ambazonia republic came into reality, it would help to re-state the lost glory of the bakassi people in particular...
+1 # ERIC NGU 2013-08-23 14:00
The need for the Ambazonian govt is so pressing and overwhelming,bu t we have heard so much and seen so little.Please let our freedom leaders help us see the reality of this lofty dream soonest because it is the right of all British southern Cameroonians east of the Mongo.
0 # mimbah sharon 2014-10-29 07:58
UN should respect their rule to restore independence of states like our soon.GOD bless Ambazonia people
0 # Terence 2015-05-15 17:22
This dream will come true sooner than we all think. This issue is a time bomb which will explode whether la republic wants it or not.
+1 # Emmanuel Fon-Fomukon 2015-08-02 16:26
I am trying to figure out how the name Ambazonia came about. Your brilliant analysis does not give some of us the origins and the creation of the name Ambazonia. I am a fervent product of a very successful Cameroon that lost its course after some mismanagement of power let aloane the integrity of governance.

Can you help me and the people I represent come to the reality of the Ambazonia State and any reality thereof and who would you recommend to be the first President of Ambazonia?
0 # Acha 2015-11-03 07:47
The long awaited time for sons and daughters of the Amazonian soil to enjoy the fruits of what they work and live for. Amazonia ohyeeeeeh. United Nations Organization don't delay be fast. A new down is coming
-2 # Sain 2016-02-24 02:15
I am waiting. I am ready for this even it means war.
-1 # BB 2016-10-24 00:27
We keep asking questions about ourselves and questioning how trust worthy we can be to each other. This is the problem we have and we will continue to worry about this situation and no results can come from this kind of thinking.All we need is a peaceful demonstration and cut off from every civil contributions concerning La republic. Results will come. We do no have to fight.
+1 # Atemkeng Bekongncho 2016-11-25 17:05
nature has taken its course, GODs nation on earth has come to be,the new Israel,the land of glory, the land of promise...AMBAZONIA.GOD bless my country AMBAZONIA.
+1 # Esaytapo Clarkson 2016-12-02 05:09
Albert Einstein once said "imagination will take u from point A to point B", Clarkson also said " our determination will take us from La Republic to Ambazonia" a Chinese Proverb says "behind every big dream there is a man saying 'it won't work'" Clarkson also said " behind every evil plan of La Republic are the Ambazonians saying it won't work".....Ambazonia is a reality.....
+3 # Esaytapo Clarkson 2016-12-02 05:14
Ambazonia is a reality to be experienced....
0 # Dinho Derricks 2016-12-09 19:07
no to the rebub[#*@$%&!], southern Cameroon is an autonomous state English speaking, this is a #fact
0 # Pikin 2016-12-21 18:09
God blessed freedom land. Ambazonia.
We've been marginalized for long now, looked upon as second class citizens in our own rich land. one of worlds richest state to be . with all the suffering I guess I should start smiling now
because soon enough la repub[#*@$%&!] France colony till date will be celebrating their fake 20th May event all alone .

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“I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun do hereby, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at independence.”
- Annan-Bakassi Peace Accord

I can state here and now that the People of southern Cameroons (Ambazonians) would never have voted in favour of unification with French Cameroun if it had not been for the assurances given that the resulting union would take the form of a federation...
- John Ngu Foncha

International Law does not regard you (Ambazonians) as people of Cameroonian Nationality; this must be shocking to you.
- Fongum Gorji-Dinka
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