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Written by Justice Muluh Mbuh   
Sunday, 13 July 2003 00:00

REUBEN UM NYOBE -1913--1958

DEFINITION: I would attempt defining Pan-Camerounism here to mean those who spend their entire political careers determined to undermine the sovereignty of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) for some other nation called Cameroun. The most glaring characteristic of Pan-Camerounins is their inability to initiate anything for the good of either the nation which serves them best that is their domain or host, and would serve the occupying power without hesitation or any other secondary thought. Their thought process has been ruined by colonialism so much that all they do is continue to promote colonialism even from within the African continent.

Nothing could be more truthful and supportive of this statement and definition of Pan-Camerounism, than that when we examine each pan-Camerounian, we would definitely see clearly how they hardly have an opinion of their own, how they flirt with ideas and so are caught forever crossing carpets, politically and die without any concrete position on anything.


This morning I have decided we take on Reuben Um Nyobe --who unlike Debongue yesterday should definitely pass as the Father of all opposition in Cameroun and Ambazonian politics. Why do I say so? Um Nyobe was one of the early founders or followers of the Union du Populations du Cameroun (UPC) whose story of opposing French hegemony in Cameroun have been told near and far. Um was a far more shrewd politician than the very intelligent but indecisive Debongue. Now you also notice we have placed these two refugees from Cameroun Proper at the top of the list of best and most popular politicians. Ask yourselves why?

These guys knew how to call a bad government bad and make no mince about it, unlike the bootlicking politicians of the so-called British Southern Cameroons whose naiveté transcends comprehension till date.

Reuben Um Nyobe was born in 1913 in the village of Boumnyebel of Sanaga Maritime Division (Arrondissement). His Primary education was in Bassa country and le later attended Teachers Training College in Sangmelima --President Paul Biya's hometown (bigger than Mvomeka'a where Biya actually resides even till date!). Reuben like every learned Camerounaise at the time joined the colonial Administration to answer "Yes Sar!" to the colonizers at Edea and then turn back and raise his shoulders and speak with a louder voice demanding similar attention as he gave the white man when he talked to his fellow Camerounians. Not peculiar to Um, all of them are still like that till date --that inferiority complex thing Ngang wrote about yesterday!

On April 10, 1948, under the direction of Leonard Bouli, a meeting was held in New Bell, Douala where many, together with others like Leonard Bouli they agreed to form a political party: The Union des Populations du Cameroun (UPC). On this date, Reuben Um Nyobe was hospitalized in Sackbayeme, about 100 km from Douala. But he later joined the UPC six months down the road. Um took over the leadership of UPC when Bouli was disciplined and transferred to Yokaduma.

When the UPC was banned in French Cameroun in 1955 for charges of attempting to take over power violently, Old Mother of Democracy and Liberal Laws on the African Continent, "British Southern Cameroons" was there with open hands to embrace these unfortunate sons of Cameroun as she did others with the same fate.


Like Debongue, Um Nyobe did not only dominate "Southern Cameroons" politics but was the father of Pan-Kamerunism as he represented both French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons at the United Nations and Europe in numerous meetings deciding the fate of decolonization for both nations. Sheepishly, or by designs, the British Southern Cameroons Prime Ministers from E.M.L. Endeley through to Foncha seemed to depend on Um Nyobe's ready availability to talk with the UN on behalf of British Southern Cameroons --hence the denial of the third option and the birth of the Two Alternatives, for which our masses voted for the second best, to join Cameroun at attaining independence for the Federation of Two Equal States. Back then the likes of Um and Debongue drove home the message of REUNIFICATION OF ALL CAMEROONIANS as a way of attaining greater power for the promotion of the exiled UPC agenda. He too, like Debongue was a promoter of "The Kamerun Idea".

Not surprising, when the British Southern Cameroons government dictated the UPC plot on the British Southern Cameroons sovereignty, UPC was equally banned in the territory, but thanks to the sons of the soil for promoting more spoilative politics, UPC found a Cameroun clone in Pa Nde Ntumazah and John Ngu Foncha who were ready to form another UPC clone-party: ONE KAMERUN (OK) Party.

Again we dictate the strong Pan-Kamerun agenda in the name of one of the famous political parties in the British Southern Cameroons --One Kamerun (OK) Party. Had British Southern Cameroons invoked a new name at independence, would Camerounization or Kamerunization have had such a negative effect on the sovereignty of the British Southern Cameroons?

QUESTION: Perhaps some would ask: why was it necessary at that time to have a new name?

ANSWER: British Northern Cameroons had not developed nationalism as British Southern Cameroons did. Secondly, the terms of the UN Resolution decolonizing both territories as well as the terms of the UN Plebiscite and Two Alternatives clearly gave recognition to the British Southern Cameroons as a state more developed politically than British Northern Cameroons --so the territory was given special protection --that of forming a confederation of Two Equal States on the terms that are contained on Page 13-15 of the Plebiscite Treaty of 1960.

With British Northern Cameroons absorbed in Northern Nigeria, it was very necessary for British Southern Cameroons to have a new identity to first distinguish themselves from Camerounians and secondly, protect their sovereignty from being absorbed by Cameroun, just in case the stronger solution draws the weaker! Instead we foolishly accept the nationality and identity of independent Cameroun.

Not only was the formation of OK party destructive to British Southern Cameroons nationalism and blurred the politicians from seeing their independence when it came, but also, the financing of, and formation of the Kamerun National Democratic Party (KNDP) was typically and predominantly done from Frenchyfied Cameroun and by Soppo Priso, and other UPC Money Mongers! So even at her prime, Pan-Kamerunism turned Camerounism had taken hold of British Southern Cameroons nationalism to the extent the leadership of British Southern Cameroons was depending on political funding from Cameroun. What is said of he who pays the piper? Dances to his tunes?

Now is anyone shocked as to why the identity of “Southern Cameroons” goes well with pan-Kamerunism and pan-Camerounism and why the same does not hold with AMBAZONIA REPUBLIC? The answer lies in INFILTRATION!


Yes, of course! Reuben Um Nyobe died on September 13, 1958 --killed in a Cameroon government sponsored terrorist attack at Boumnyebel. At his death, he has since become a hero --thanks to the success of his Pan-Kamerun agenda and less so to his ambitions to rule and change Cameroun or Kamerun for good? Note: The very ones who killed him and made him hero were the very ones who denied him power to say less of even letting him live a life, yet thanks to the foolishness that ruled "Southern Cameroons" politics, until Ambazonia Republic Revolution was ignited in 1985 to confront Pan-Kamerunism and Pan-Camerounism --name-changing syndrome tactic, tell us who in the so-called Southern Cameroons raised a finger against Cameroon and stood his grounds on legal and moral as well as nationalist principles to the extent of dictating that deadly Pan-Cameroun metamophorsizing virus and countering it with a new name? Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka! And it took a dying snake --SCNC-- a good ten years to come in and cry a similar cry --that we are being marginalized, colonized by Cameroon Republic: "we are not Cameroonians, we are Southern Cameroonians!" Does that make any sense at all if you have not located what is the true “Southern Cameroon”, is seen for a geographical fact that the now so-called “Southern Cameroons” is a dangerous virus as deadly as Pan-Camerounism?

Hey, buddy, just call yourself an AMBAZONIAN and see how everything else crumbles!

All said and done, Reuben Um Nyobe was a great politician to have accomplished all he did from an exile home and secured such an honorable place in Cameroun and Ambazonian history, he too deserves our respect, thanks to the goat-heads and pigs who pose as disastrous leaders of the so-called "Southern Cameroons," under Cameroon Republic's (Cameroun) recolonization!

Have a great Sunday.

Justice M. Mbuh

For the Liberation of Ambazonia Republic (Former British Southern Cameroons)


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