Government of Ambazonia

Thursday, February 22, 2018
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John Ngu Foncha upon returning from the United Nations 1961. He was then second Prime Minister of the British Southern Cameroons, elected at the ballot box, then rare in Africa.P.M. Kale with members of his political party Kamerun United Party. Kale was one of the early advocates of an independent Southern Cameroons. He died in 1966, while Speaker of the House of Assembly (Parliament) of West Cameroon

Schoolboy Sports at Victoria on 26 October, 1956

For a few years, Southern Cameroons enjoyed limited self government, before increasing annexation. This photograph was from 1966/67


Members of the Federal House of Representatives elected in the Southern CameroonsInterior of Southern Cameroons House of Assembly with House in session

Former Prime Minister of West Cameroon  E.M.L. Endeley, first Premier of the British Southern Cameroons, accompanied by his wife. Behind them is N.N. Mbile.