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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Compatriots, everyone knows that the Republic of Cameroon is the name which French Cameroun adopted at its independence on 1 January 1960. So in international law the mention of Republic of Cameroon means and is understood to mean French Cameroun.  The territory of that country lies on the east of the 1919 international boundary which runs from Lake Chad to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mongo River estuary.

All that the Ambazonian Head of State, HRM Fon Dinka asked for was that Paul Biya should respect international law and the restoration Law 84/01 by limiting the authority of the Republic of Cameroon to the territorial boundaries of French Cameroun on the east of that international boundary line, i.e., East of the Mongo river.

HRM Fon Dinka adopted the name AMBAZONIA which geography has given our country as the zone of Ambas Bay. By so doing he has exposed Paul Biya and Cameroon in Ambazonia as Saddam Hussein and Iraq in Kuwait. This inflicts Cameroon with guilt as Cameroon is seen by the international community as an aggressor and a colonizer by occupying our country Ambazonia.

In 1986 Paul Biya tried to undo this by charging HRM Fon Dinka before his Military Tribunal but the Military Tribunal said in international law the territory of the Republic of Cameroon lie on the east of the Mongo River; and so no offence is committed by asking Cameroon’s President to comply with international law.

In 1992 the Cameroon High Court of Bamenda in HCB/28/92 followed the Military Tribunal and ordered all elements of Cameroon authority withdrawn from Ambazonia.

Fellow comrades; if SCNC and SCAPO were really for the termination of Cameroon’s occupation of Ambazonia they would have upheld the above as their armor and the international law which demands that Republic of Cameroon (French Cameroun) should limit itself within its territorial boundaries. But they set out to sabotage HRM Fon Dinka and Ambazonia.

So they have decided to:

[a] reject the fact that ours is a country consisting of several peoples and nations like the EJAGHAMS, the WIDIKUMS the KENYANGS, the CHAMBAS, the BAFUTS, the NSOHS etc.  And they insist that we are just one of the several peoples in the Republic of Cameroon like the BETIS, the FOULBES, the BAMILIKIS, the DUALAS, the BASSAS, etc.

[b] reject the fact that Geography calls our country Ambazonia and hold tenaciously to the description Southern Cameroons because Ambazonia occupied the southern part of the trust territory of British Cameroons.

[c] reject international law, the restoration law 84/01, and HCB/28/92 believing that this would destroy the truth on which HRM Fon Dinka stands on.

Having disarmed themselves of all the legal armor they had, SCAPO and SCNC placed their case on the mere sentiments of marginalization & discrimination, but they failed on marginalization because the [a string of] Prime Minister of Cameroon (#2 in the Republic of Cameroon) comes from the Southern Cameroons.

Thus their so called land mark achievement from Banjul was on mere discrimination, and they were advised to go put it on a political party manifesto so that they could fight the next elections with it. That is exactly why SCAPO has transformed into a political party. So Mr. Ndangam should be lauded for this achievement.

Once Dr. Nfor Susungi aptly named Dr. Kevin Gumne and Chief Ayamba Ette Otun as the legitimate leaders of the Bajulists, this made the self acclaimed moderator (Mola the Spy Master) totally irrelevant.  No wonder that Mola has surrendered and now calls on all to follow Barrister Charles Taku whom he hails as a legal luminary.
Barrister Taku has instead written or posted what amounts to a strong reaffirmation that the Ambazonian path of law enforcement is our best hope.  He Chief Taku then calls on the Ambazonian leadership to proceed with enforcement of the law and judgments.

Meanwhile HRM Fon Dinka had since October 2009 approved the creation of an Ambazonian Law Enforcement Action Council (ALEAC).

Therefore compatriots; please do not sit on the fence. Join ALEAC!  Hearken to this clarion call from me a simple plain math teacher. Let us pull together and proceed with the law enforcement which indeed is THE BEST WAY FORWARD.

Tanyinoh Ojongmboh